Hurst: Water conservation key for Antigua to overcome drought


LOOP CARIBBEAN: Residents of Antigua and Barbuda have been warned that the country’s water challenges could become worse if as much of the Caribbean is expected to experience drought conditions over the next three months.

The Barbados-based Caribbean Institute for Meteorology and Hydrology (CIMH) on Friday warned of long term drought that can “negatively” impact islands in the eastern Caribbean.

“Many parts of the region experienced above-normal rainfall in March, bringing some relief from dry conditions since late 2021. Despite this, there are concerns over long term drought that can negatively impact large rivers and reservoirs, and groundwater, by the end of May,” CIMH said in the Caribbean Drought Bulletin.


Chief of Staff at the Prime Minister’s Ambassador Lionel Hurst said conservation will be key for the struggling Antigua Public Utilities Authority (APUA) to meet the demands of customers before new reverse osmosis plants are constructed this year.

“Most Antiguans recognise that there is a drought but there is the expectation is that despite drought conditions they must be able to turn the tap on and get water flowing through that tap. And the question is can we meet that expectation? And the answer is that’s precisely the expectation we are trying to fulfil,” Hurst stated while speaking on Point FM on Saturday.

“It is a reasonable expectation. But we also add that we must engage in conservation. In other words, one cannot then take the water that is flowing through the tap, created by reverse osmosis to hose down the car.”

Hurst said one simple water conservation method could be repurposing water from laundry and dishwashing for gardening.

“These kinds of practices are going to help. It’s okay to want to have water in the tap 24 hours but it’s not okay to utilise the water as though it is a cheap substance. It is very expensive to make by reserve osmosis and we must apply our minds to reducing waste to the extent that it is possible,” Hurst said.

The water situation in Antigua and Barbuda is expected to improve by September with the installation of reserve osmosis plants.

A plant is currently under construction in Fort James and equipment is expected to arrive by the end of this month.

When completed, it will supply 500,000 gallons of water per day and it will increase to over one million gallons in the following months.

APUA requires 8 million gallons of water to meet the needs of customers.

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  1. …a talking to you, Mr. Hurst!
    …oh god! Some say, the water ting
    …‘it’s going from bad to worst!
    …so, how can they conserve?
    …Boi! You gut some nerves
    …to be saying, Just Saying’s anything
    …‘cause, to many ah arwe!
    …dis water ting, is like a Jumbee
    …to be taken away on a #Hearst!
    …and, get buried in St. John’s Cemetery!
    …now, do you feel me Mr. Hurst!
    …’cause soon enough!
    …if your government don’t stop this bluff!
    …even, de horse, goat 🤞🏾Jackass to rass!
    …a goh #DEAD fu thirst!
    …so remember, it was predicted by de Ras!
    …and, I n I keeping dem fingers crossed 🤞🏾☦️🤞🏾✝️❌
    …led by Papi pan de #Conch_Shell
    …as, H.I.M. who’s my #Boss
    …Channeling #George_Orwell!
    …since, even been surrounded by plenty, plentee water!
    …not even Mami_Wata!
    …not, Papa Elegba!
    …will be able to cool off the heat
    …under de sole of your feet
    …feeling Hotta lakka Lava
    …and, even Hell Fire!

  2. A still tongue is an honest one. That’s all the advice I’m going to give “The Don’t Sell My Passport “ COMRADE.

  3. Dear Mr Lionel Hurst,

    I’ve just read your comments, and I’m rather concerned that you’ve mentioned the term ‘EXPECTATIONS’ on a number of occasions here.

    Recently, the ABLP sounded very CONFIDENT that they would deliver the new water system in Antigua by the 30th of September.

    I’m beginning to wonder about the current use of the term of ‘EXPECTATION’, whereas before there was an out and out ‘COMMITMENT’ to the installation of the water system by this government.

    I am not in the legal profession by a long shot, but I know a play on words when I see it as an ardent GRAMMARIAN.

    Here’s another reminder for you Mr Hurst (and the rest of the cabinet members), that today, Monday the 9th of May 2022, there are now 144 days left to the implementation of our NEW water supply by the 30th September 2022.


    • Pathetic is what this is…ABLP doesn’t appear to be a party of problem solvers..They possess so much experience between them but yet still lack the ability to do their jobs and fix the problems that exist. Yet we continue to waste our votes on them.

  4. Mr. Chief of Staff,

    Where is the water to conserve???? is this your solution to the disastrous water problem that Antiguans struggle with every day??? in 8 years, the incompetent ABLP administration has failed to solve this problem and now you want struggling Antiguans to conserve the few drops of water that come out of the taps? the RO plant at Fort James will only provide more water for the Truckers to sell to the few Antiguans who can afford to buy from them. The water system has major technical and institutional shortcomings that you and the ignorant clowns in the ABLP Administration will never understand.

  5. Conserve Water?? How could you conserve on something you do not have? Linohel Wurst,tell those persons who have not gotten any water in 7 weeks to CON-SERVE Water. I think it is time for your old arse to call it a day.You are so lie that lie sees you and run to Hell.How do you sleep at nights.

  6. Government & APUA should start an investigation into water pilferage. My question to APUA. How much water did you put in the pipes from April 1 to 30? Let’s say it was 100 million gallons, did APUA receive payment from customers for any where near that volume? My point is if APUA were to collect revenue for the actual amount produced they may be able to fund new RO plants. A lot of people and businesses are stealing water.

  7. @ HALF SENSE:If you know for a fact that persons and businesses are stealing WATER. Why not report them to APUA and let them send their Inspectors out to Investigate. Until then,do not come on here and run of the mouth like diarrhea without facts.

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