Hundreds of families receive back-to-school supplies from MP Fernandez


For the past five (5) years, Parliamentary Representative for St. John’s Rural North, the Hon. Charles ‘Max’ Fernandez has embarked on a back-to-school donation initiative without fail.

However, with the uncertainty of the global COVID-19 pandemic, this year’s initiative seemed unattainable. Nonetheless, according to the constituency liaison team,” Despite the pandemic we are fighting, education remains important. The annual back-to-school bag pack initiative is still on the table.”


Over the weekend, some three hundred (300) school bags, were distributed throughout communities within the constituency. The school package included an assortment of pens, pencils, lunch kits and or water bottles, geometry sets, sharpeners, paint sets, coloring books, rulers, and a special message from The Hon. Charles Max Fernandez, MP.  According to the team, “the packages were also sanitized to ensure health and safety.”


In a message to his constituents, MP Fernandez said, “Education is the most powerful weapon you can use to change the world, according to Nelson Mandela. During this global crisis, as educators, students, and parents we are experiencing a huge change and uncertainty at the moment. However, the importance of education – your education remains consistent. Have a safe, happy, productive, and successful school year!”


Although most schools were set to reopen on September 7th, the team of community workers noted the difficulty in getting the items together for that timeline. “We live in a very big constituency and to match the needs and size of our area, over the years, our school supplies were sourced overseas with the assistance of generous donors. Unfortunately, due to shipping issues, we knew the cargo would be late. However, we were able to source the items locally,” a representative from the team said.


“We are thankful that although our usual shipment was not possible, we were able to adequately source items locally. Special thanks to the youth in our communities as well for assisting in packing the bags,” a team member said.


Parliamentary representative for the area, MP Fernandez said, “These items are for our young people and students who are returning to schools and or their studies. Despite the fallout from COVID-19, we are still committed to equipping the children of our community with the necessary tools for their education.”

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  1. Another ALP election gimmick/ Photo Ops. Opposition covid 19 really bring out these failures out of their isolation. Antugua and Barbuda stimulus package includes ramen noodles, mac & cheese, vienna sausage, school bags and duty free.


    KNIGHT ..You are a very IGNORANT PERSON. You have NO respect for the Children. Knight you should bury your head in the sand. You a WORTHLESS PERSON !!!!!

  3. @shining armour, dont you dare! What do you do other than run your mouth behind a microphone? 5years not election years, just MUB.

  4. My Son received the Back to School package from Hon. Max Fernandez and I am offended by your comments . Kindly have Respect for the Children and DO NOT include the Children in your cheap politics. Knight you are very RUDE . Hope you get yourself together !!!!

    • Oh my this country is in serious trouble. My dear if that is what you are teaching your children to take handouts from politicians, then the future generations they are doomed. Ms. James please go and listen to Bob Marley song Revolution, a line in the song say “never make a politician grant you a favor, they will always want to control you forever.” Then you can come back and address my so call rudeness. If you stand for nothing, you will fall for anything. Next time you see MAX ask him how much the tax payers of Antigua and Barbuda paid for Deluxe. Mental Slavery is real!

  5. How come it seems that the UPP and their caretakers are so broke they cannot give nothing at all to the children of their constituents. They always tout their trumpet about the wonderful programs they had when in government, but out of office nothing. Even the PM had to beg for them so that they could give some food packages during the first months of Covid. And had the PM not disclose this we would not have known. And all they did was to give some people vouchers to buy goods from farmers who are their supporters. That way the money stays in the party. That is how transparent they are. That we found out only when John Ash was investigated that they received hundreds of thousands united states dollars from a Chinese couple for passport sale and ambassadorship. And the money went straight into the account of the then PM who claims he handed it over to the party accountant. Something we never got any proof of. I know for a fact they got plenty money from Stanford in 2004 election. But he found out the hard way that was deal with the devil.

  6. Listening to Serpent on Observer Radio tonight. Serpent does NOT have a clue about Government. These are the type of Persons the UPP attracted ???. Serpent could not answer a Simple question …”What are you plans for the Constituency ? …This Guy could not answer this simple question. No way Serpent can win St. George.

    • Are you surprise. What is his education. He is not even a trained radio host or a reporter. They just learn to run their mouth and create lots of melee. And that is what people like in them. But governing the country? That is a joke thing.

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