Human papillomavirus awareness research survey


You are invited to participate in this research survey to gather data about women’s knowledge level about the vhuman papillomavirus and the current vaccine. The survey takes about two minutes, is completely anonymous and participants have the opportunity to win $100 EC gift card.

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  1. Women, ignore these people and their incessant vaccine agenda. There are over 100 human papilloma viruses. The vaccine is tailored for nine HPV’s. HPV16 & 18 are supposedly responsible for most of the cervical cancers in women. What they don’t you is, your risk of getting cervical cancer from the other (less harmful) HPV’s increases after taking the vaccine. So you’re protectef from 9 but now your chances of getting cervical cancer from the other 91 has increased.
    If you follow these money grubbing lunatics you will be taking a vaccine against drinking water and breathing air.

    Vaginal steaming with herbs aka Yoni steaming is an ancient African tradition that will cleanse these delicate areas and keep you healthy.

    You are a product of nature not a synthetic fabrication.

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