PM BROWNE: 93 cents reduction in gasoline and 46 reduction in diesel


Prime Minister Gaston Browne says there will be a 93 cents reduction in gasoline and 46 reduction in diesel.

Listen to him here make the announcement:

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  1. Elections strategy, now ppl should understand why raise the price the other day. It was then bring it down to make ppl happy! He playing with ppl mind. I hope ALL wake up and vote him OUT!!

  2. After the massive hike in price and not passing on the benefit to the people when oil was low on the world market, is that a joke?

    • @Just Saying: Has Gaston Browne ever done anything wrong? You seems to endorse everything he does,good,bad and ugly. It would appear to me that he would throw his piss on you. Then ask you how it smells. You would reply,it smells like Chanel Bleu. When in fact you know it is piss.

  3. Y’all should try speaking to shipping lines about the cost of fuel… Some of us speak very loosely about these things and we have no clue… It’s really crazy out there… Globally…

  4. 93cents huh?! After raising it nearly by 5 dollars? That really adds up especially now fuel has gone down LOWER than it was pre Ukraine war they blamed the raise in?? ANTIGUA PEOPLE WAKE UP!!!

  5. It’s funny how most of you what is the right cost for fuel when you have no clue what the numbers look like from the inside. Running business and government is not as easy as running our mouths.

    • Comrade Dave Ray just like your despotic leader you want act like the brightest bulb in the room, when in reality just like him you spout alot of hogwash.

  6. Dave Ras it is not about the right cost. It is about giving consumers the benefits when the price falls on the world market. When it increases we are called to pay the higher price and if the price is much too high then a caring government can subsidize.

  7. And when gas was below $100 a barrel the scampish Gaston and his teefin cabinet were still charging us $12.50/gallon. Where all that extra money gone? He can’t tell us and we done know where it gone.

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