How You Can Use Numerology to Find Your Life’s Purpose


Have you ever wondered why you often meet people whom you share a birthday with? Or why you frequently find yourself gazing at your wall clock at exactly noon? The answers to these questions are embedded within the power of numbers. Numerology is the science that uses a combination of numbers to tell a person’s personality traits, character, and even their life path. Numerology focuses on numbers and their connection to people. To enhance your understanding of self to find life’s purpose using numerology, let us dig in.  

How to Calculate Your Life Path Number

For you to tap into the resources of numerology, you need to discover your life path number. All you need is your date of birth and name to formulate a numerology chart. A numerology chart will help you find out information about you, events, and your future. To determine your life Path number analyze your unique birth date by breaking down your day, month, and year. The single number you obtain will be your Life path number. 

Let’s assume your birthday is June 20, 1990. We will reduce each component to a single digit. The date is 20 (0+ 2=2), the month is (0+6=6), the year is (1+9+9+4=23). Then, 23 is reduced further (2+3=5). We then add the reduced date, month, and year digits (2+6+5= 13). To get the final digit, we add 1+3= 4. Your life path number is 4. Destiny numbers are calculated using names or words. Based on expert advice from Matt Beech, a numerologist, you can rediscover your magic by using mystics, magicians, and mavericks, to create change and transform your reality. Each letter is assumed to have a specific numerical value. For instance, letters E, N, W have a numerical value of 5. The same procedure of calculating the life path number is used in finding your destiny number. However, here you reduce your first, middle, and last name to a single digit.

Number Interpretations

Now that you have calculated your life path number and destiny number, it is high time you know what they say about you. 


  • Number 1


Number one is where everything begins. Your life purpose is about being independent and developing your own will, individuality, and decisions. You travel in a path less traveled, and standing on your two feet is vital. Overcoming conceit and selfishness are the challenges you will face. Potential for your success lies in using your traits such as determination, and creativity.


  • Number 2


Being a peacemaker who understands, comforts, and supports others is your life purpose. The challenges you encounter are, mastering and balancing your emotions and overcoming feelings of insecurity and self-worth. Using supportive and creative abilities will enhance your ability to succeed.


  • Number 3


The three life path is about stepping up and socialization. Your life purpose lies in your use of creative and artistic gifts to uplift others. Balancing material needs and relaxation will pull you in different directions; thus, the need to overcome moodiness, criticisms, and complaining. You can be an excellent public speaker, actor, and a guide. Being optimistic and healthily expressing yourself is the secret to your success.


  • Number 4


Those with life path 4 are practical and dedicated; they bring order, organization, and stability to their environment. It calls for a need to be flexible and adapt to change to persevere through feelings of restriction and a rigid life perspective. You can be a lawyer or accountant because work is vital and rewarding to you. 



  • Number 5


Significant benefits of being born with life path 5 are that you strive for life answers, learning, and freedom. However, it would help if you learned self-discipline and moderation to avoid succumbing to addiction and find healthy ways of doing things. Variety is a crucial word for your success potential.


  • Number 6


The amazing thing about number 6 is that you have compassion and empathy for others. You will find yourself standing up and helping others willingly; therefore, balance and responsibility are crucial elements you need to learn.


  • Number 7


Your life purpose is to become a contemplative truth seeker. Generally, you are peaceful and reflective; on the other hand, you may struggle to appreciate what you have and trust others.


  • Number 8


Born in this life path means you are focused, thoughtful, and determined. You are an athlete, business leader, or politician, and people will often look for you for guidance. Adopting an attitude of abundance will drive you towards success. 


  • Number 9


People automatically respect you because of your compassion and passionate personality. You believe in helping others and making the world a better place. Learning to accept and forgive others will help you achieve your successful career and overcome uncertainty and moodiness.

Discovering your life purpose is a process of understanding who you are. It will help you bring a purpose into your present and future. Use your purpose, skills, and abilities to succeed in life and help others too.



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