How We Get Regional Versions of Entertainment


When it comes to the creator or inventor of different things in the world, conversation can get pretty heated between different claimants. In reality, many things are shared across national borders, often with small changes to make them distinct. In some cases, however, the differences are far more pronounced, and today we’re looking at the roots of these regional versions in the world of entertainment.


While many of the core features of gambling games like cards and dice are basically universal, you will find countless variations of the same concepts. Poker, for instance, has dozens of versions that usually come down to only one or two rule changes, and the difference between American and European roulette is effectively just one extra number on the wheel.

Many of these versions of roulette wheel numbers come down to history and business. For instance, the original version of roulette from France had the extra zero space on the wheel, and this was the version exported to America. In the meantime though, European casinos started offering the version with only one zero to be more competitive, as this was more attractive to players. In time, double-zero became the American variant despite actually coming from Europe!


If you say the word football in most parts of the world, you’re going to get people thinking of the same thing. However, in some parts of the English-speaking world, this can get a lot more confusing. Most people are aware that football in the USA refers to American Football, but there are also things like Aussie Rules Football in Australia and Gaelic Football in Ireland.

The reason here is that they all do share a common history despite being wildly different in rules. This is because, at one point, rugby and football were almost interchangeable, with handling the ball being the only key difference. As the game spread out over the centuries, these regional versions picked and chose rules from both sports. It’s why Aussie Rules features rugby-like goalposts amongst other things.


Genres in music are famously very nuanced and for every main category, there are often a dozen more subcategories that narrow in on certain aspects. For example, most basic lists of rock subgenres list around twenty different types and even then, they come with disclaimers that these are only the absolute basics.

The reasons behind so many definitions often come down to cultural influence. In the example above, there are genres like folk rock made famous by legendary singers like Bob Dylan. It was created when rock collided with traditional acoustic sounds and stories from an older era of the United States. In different parts of the world, however, the same process would create things like ska in the Caribbean or the entirely unique kawaii metal in Japan, each fusing parts of rock with local culture and fashion.

The fun thing with any of the above is that it is far from a finished process. We’re still seeing creative folks generate entirely new versions of things every day, and discovering them can be almost as fun as taking part in them!

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