How to write an essay for one night: guidance based on my experience



Let’s start with a confession: I often write essays a day before the deadline. And it works! What to do if you have only one night to complete an assignment and you only have your name written on the paper? I’ll give you some pieces of advice on how to write an essay for one night and get an excellent mark!

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If you have a chance to choose a topic, so think about it properly

If you have a wide range of topics, so think carefully and choose your essay topic wisely. Choose a topic, which seems familiar so you can talk about it really much. If it’s not in your assignment, try to find a point of view from which you can describe it. My last essay is an example:

I could have chosen a topic, so I decided to write about habits. I had to add something special – because it wasn’t enough just to describe other people’s research. And since I didn’t have time for mine, I looked at the results from a different perspective. What is the significance of this research for a university student? Why are these results useful when I’m studying? Can I confirm or refute this statement by looking at another sample? You must be aware of where I am going with this. I know a lot about students – I’m a student, I talk to students, I volunteer for a student organization, I write for students… That is why I just chose to look at the topic in a way that students can. Firstly, no one had done it before, and secondly, I enjoyed writing about it more.

Was it worth it for me? Since I was familiar with the topic and already knew my resources, yes. In four hours of writing, I had a bloated essay. I was limited to three pages, but every sentence made sense and I couldn’t just fill in the blank on the paper. However, given reading all the sources beforehand, it was difficult because I couldn’t use many interesting facts. I finally got a B-, which didn’t surprise me (I did it late, it could have been better). There is one more life hack: especially watch out for procrastination. It’s a killer for any job.

There are several lessons to be learned:

  1. Search for proper resources. Even if you don’t have time to write, take the time to research resources. Spend one-day researching and some days just reading. Instead of scrolling through Facebook, you can read more than you think! Then writing is much easier.
  2. Do you know how to write an essay? I had an academic writing class in English, and I read several sample articles over the semester, as well as an entire book on writing. If you don’t have time for that, find some basic rules. If you’re not responding to style, it is in vain.
  3. Find your point of view. This will give authenticity to the essay, it will be more persuasive and it will be also written with more enthusiasm.

<h2> If you don’t have a chance to choose a topic, try these tips

How to write an essay in one night? So if you still don’t contact the best college essay writing service, here you have the last chance to order an essay for a good price. If you decided to write it on your own, use inverted commas. In the first step, find the resources you draw from and devote to them in your work. Referring to the wiser, the teacher can never argue with the original source. Find more appropriate authors and address the main ideas in your work.

Also, be sure to get it cited correctly. How about using someone else’s words and pretending to be your own? At best you’ll get over it, but at worst you might even get expelled from school for plagiarism. Learn to properly label quotations and periphrases, and it will save you.

Simply, if you grab your quotations and explain them, two things happen:

  1. You write the essay faster because you write more words.
  2. You will understand the quote better, and your work will be of better quality (i.e. you will get a better grade because it will make sense).

The main idea of the essay?

I’d ask you why you’re writing this essay, but the answer is clear to everyone. It is your home assignment. But I still have a question. What is the main idea of your essay? Why are you writing? Do you want to explain how it works? Or are you going to argue with who got it wrong? Do you want to present different solutions to the problem you are writing about? Do you want to generate interest or provoke discussion?

If you have a clear idea of what you want to communicate with your essay, you will be able to write it in form. Also, once again explaining your intention takes at least one paragraph, and you’ll be closer to your goal – both in length and content.

Do your paragraphs make sense?

A quick tip for reviewing an essay you’ve already written is to check the context. Try to write one sentence for each paragraph that describes it. Do this with each paragraph and then read those sentences one by one. Are they connected? Where you are missing a logical connection, something is wrong. Perhaps writing a sentence is enough, perhaps something needs to be reworded. Play around with the sentences. What can be linked and what would be better separated? Is it clear what you want to say in each paragraph?

This is very useful, especially if you are really writing it at night and are already tired. It will quickly make sure that your abstract has good content. Unfortunately, the grammar is up to you. If you write in English, I would use online mistakes correction.

Just do not despair and do not give up! It may not be perfect, but it will be.

Scheme of a good essay

You only need to have 4 main parts:

  • Introduction
  • Core: main ideas, divided into paragraphs
  • Conclusion
  • (Don’t forget.)

In the beginning, you will express what you are really about. What topic you are focusing on, what you are doing, and what your purpose is? What are you using? And how did you arrive at your conclusion?

The core, I think, is clear, but for simplicity: if you have 3 main ideas, break them down into three separate paragraphs. Find the pros and cons, and at the end don’t forget to summarize why you agree/disagree, and why this is good or not. You can use these exact quotes in this one: I agree with Professor’s opinion, who said… BOOM! The teacher certainly won’t argue with that.

Finally, summarize the main points from the keynote and tell us how you see it based on them. Indeed, don’t forget to remember the sources.

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