How to Rent a House in Italy in 2021?


A country with rich culture, incredible food and wine, artistic monuments and beautiful beaches – Italy has been a popular destination for expats for decades. The average cost to rent a house in Italy in 2021 is around €558 monthly (for a one-bedroom apartment) in the city center mäklare. Whether you are moving to Italy for a new job, studying, or spending your retirement years, this article will guide you on how you can rent a house in the country.

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Contracts for Renting a House

Unlike the United States, the house renting procedure in Italy is quite different and complex. If you have to rent a place in the US, you must make a contract and sign it on paper. Renting a house in Italy requires a legal agreement (for rental more than 30 days). To do so, the owner of the property of the person renting the house has to send a copy of the contract to the tax administration – the Agenzia di entrate. You can either send them via email or visit the tax office and submit the document.


There are currently five types of residential contracts in Italy. The first type of contract is the Free Market contract (contratti di libber Mercado o canone libero), a standard residential property rental contract for expats in Italy. This type of contract is valid for four years and automatically renews for the next four years.


The person renting the property under this contract and the property owner are free to modify the details mentioned in the papers. For example, legally, the tenant must give the notice to vacate the property six months in advance. However, the Free Market contract allows them to modify the notice period on papers before signing the contract.


Next, there are three types of “established” contracts: short-term contrattotransitorio, affordable housing canoneconcordato, and student rentals transitorio per student. Perks like tax relaxation and economic incentives for the owner are included in these types of contracts.


The fifth type of contract is the loaner contracts Contratto di comodatod’uso. Under this residential contract, the owner grants the right to use the house or the property for a given time.

Security Deposit and Down Payment

Suppose you are signing a rental contract in Italy. In that case, you will have to provide a bank statement, employment contract, or any other references to prove the financial stability to your landlord. Unlike the states where you have to show your credit scores, renting an apartment in Italy requires legal, financial proof.


Regarding the security deposit, you would have to pay the three-month deposit, three months’ rent in advance, Caparra, and anticipo before moving into your rented property. However, this is negotiable depending on your past rent experience and your landlord.

Are There Any Extra Charges?

Renting a house in Italy comes with a few extra charges, like cleanliness cost, garbage removal, TV tax, elevator charges, maintenance, telephone bill, electricity, internet and so on. Don’t forget to ask your landlord for all the extra expenses you might have to pay during your stay in the rented property. The approximate additional cost will be between €150 – €500 monthly depending on your locality, house, etc.


You have the freedom to choose an apartment well-furnished or unfurnished (non arredato). If you are buying an unfurnished apartment, you’ll get an empty house, including the kitchen. It is because the kitchen appliances and cabinets come under furniture in Italy. A semi-furnished apartment (parzialmentearredato) comes with the appliances and cabinets in the kitchen.


Arredato or fully furnished apartments in Italy include a well-furnished kitchen, sofas, beds, cupboards, wardrobes, storage space, and more. Of course, the rent of a fully furnished apartment in Italy is expensive, but the quality of the house and the furniture are pretty excellent.


You can find an apartment for rent on the internet or connect with your local property agent to guide you with the renting process. Remember to cross-check the property and meet the landlord in person to avoid any scam.


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