How to Promote an Instagram Account of a Fitness Club


New fitness clubs appear every day all over the world because many people want to lead a healthy lifestyle and have an athletic body. Instagram is a free and easy to use promotion tool. For fitness entrepreneurs, this means that anyone can subscribe to a club page with just one click on their phone or tablet.

Today we will talk about how to gain an Instagram audience for a fitness club account without the need to buy Instagram followers.

Start creating a profile by choosing an attractive main photo. For example, it could be your logo. In the description, indicate who you are and what services you offer. Attach a link to the site and contact numbers.

  1. Post only high-quality photos

If your club profile posts are a varied combination of blurry photos, screenshots, and quotes, then the page will not be interesting to subscribers. Random raw, unordered posts won’t attract new subscribers. Look through the accounts of popular fitness bloggers (those who not only buy real Instagram followers, but also really work hard and are interesting for users) and pay attention to their photos.

  1. Design your own style

It’s hard to come up with a new style. But you can always analyze the accounts of existing companies. You don’t need to copy everything one-to-one, but use the page format or other useful tools, such as the plot of publications. Your feature can be one set of filters, the use of a company logo, or a special type of photo. Think about what your audience will be interested in.

  1. Choose photo editing apps

Filters help make photos more beautiful. In terms of palette and quality, the best apps are VSCO and Snapseed. There are others, but the number of user downloads of these applications speaks for itself. To create collages, use Layout by Instagram, and to mount mini-videos, use Boomerang.

  1. Post Before and After Photos

Before and After photos clearly show the beneficial effect of visiting a fitness center. These posts are proof that clients are progressing thanks to your club.

The slideshow function is also suitable for publishing such photos. Scrolling through slides attracts subscribers and keeps the audience involved in the process. Also, when using slides, there is no need to make collages.

Ask the client for their history. Work on oneself requires physical effort, strong-willed decisions and abstinence. Publish client stories along with photos — it will help other subscribers find additional motivation for training and visiting the gym. But be sure to get the client’s permission before posting photos, slides, and stories.


  1. Use relevant hashtags

Hashtags help potential customers find your content. If you don’t know which hashtags to use, analyze competitors or fitness pages with a large number of followers. You can use general hashtags or specific hashtags, or both.

If you don’t want the entire headline to be filled with hashtags, put them in the comments section.

By the way, it’s convenient to store the hashtag database in your phone’s notebook or other convenient application. When it’s time to post, you simply copy the tags and paste them into a photo comment, then edit by adding the ones you want and removing the ones you don’t.

You can even come up with your own unique hashtag to not only share posts but also encourage your customers to use it. Also, use local and regional tags. This is a productive way to attract subscribers from your region who can then become your customers.



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