How to Open the Law Company on Island (Antigua)


Antigua is generally a stable nation both economically and politically. With tourism contributing to about 60% of GDP and the balance of 40% from investments, Antigua is a good place to start a law company.


The former British colony is a democratic monarchy and follows the British legal system. To register a law firm in Antigua, you follow the guideline laid out by the international business act 2018 and the limited liability act 2000. You may opt to do the registration in person or appoint a company to help.


Type of company 


You can register the law firm as a private limited liability firm (LLC) or as a branch of the mother company back in your home country. Despite the option you choose, you must be ready with several documents as follows:


  • The Memo &articles
  • Incorporation certificate
  • List of directors
  • Search and reservation form
  • Board resolution
  • official address/agent


Besides, it is important you get a brief understanding of Antigua laws and their legal system. Laws are different in each nation. Some nations around the world have some strange laws and you could be surprised to find some laws you don’t understand how or why they were formed.


Business Promotion 


Business promotion in Antigua means the processes followed in business creation. In most cases, a business promoter does this part if you are new in Antigua, but if you understand the processes well, you don’t need a promoter.


Business promotion involves the process of doing a study to survey to analyze if the business is viable or not. It is at this stage that you will get the legal structure of the business and prepare the articles, get the directors if you need them and prepare your professional team so that you can start immediately once the registration process is through.


This is the phase where you ensure all the paperwork needed for the registration of the law firm is ready. You must also have the business name of your law firm ready for searching and a physical address.


However, to open your own law firm, you need to have a specialized education. For this, you can enroll in one of the law universities and study well to graduate as a top law student. Unfortunately, not all students are independently capable of doing their homework and other academic assignments related to law. Therefore, many of them use the services of, the professional essay writing company, in the section “essay help by our professional law writers,” where professional writers help law students with their writing work. Once you achieve success in Law College, it becomes easy to be a top lawyer on Antigua island or any other part of the world from the UK to the US.


Registration process


You will do a business name search at the office of intellectual property and commerce located in Saint John, the nation’s capital. Once your business is reserved, you will pay 100 EC dollars for registration.


Your incorporation documents must be prepared by a registered lawyer in Antigua and the registration process takes about five days. Once you get your registration certificate, you have to register with the nation’s social security system and the medical care scheme.


The processes are simple and you can do them yourself but if you are new in the capital, an agent can help. The final step will be registering with the revenue authority because of taxes.


Commencing business in Antigua 


You can begin practicing law on the Island as soon as the registration process is through. A majority of the Island population is well educated and you can get the professionals you need.


If you want to import your professional team to the Island, first understand the percentage of professionals you can import. To import professionals, you must apply for a work permit through the department of labor. The documents needed shall be their passports, documents for residence and bank statement for each professional.


Other requirements shall be your law firm seal, taxpayer number and education levy. The education levy is obtained through the education board and the board shall require a copy of your law firm registration certificate and social security certificate.




Antigua has a stable economy and political stability makes the nation a favorable place for business. The Island has a favorable tax regime and could enjoy tax reduction benefits if you start a new business on the Island. The nation’s education system is well advanced and produces a well-trained workforce. You will not struggle to source professional human resources for your law firm. The tourism sector is vibrant and foreign exchange is high.


Author’s Bio:


James Collins works as a freelance digital marketer and copywriter for various digital agencies. He also loves to write academic assignments for students who lack writing skills to do their job well. In his free time, he loves learning French, cooking Mediterranean food and reading business and law books.


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