How To Minimise Your Expenses While Living in a Hostel in Delhi


As the capital city of India, Delhi has a vibrant cosmopolitan culture. Every year, it attracts thousands of young students and professionals seeking the best of education and employment opportunities. And what many young people like you realise when they arrive in the city is that living in Delhi can be quite expensive too. Especially if you’re not sure where to live and what to look for. So, whether you want a hostel in Patel Nagar, Delhi or a flat in Greater Noida, we have some tips that will help you save on unnecessary expenses and get real value for your money. Let’s take a look at how you can get the best deal:

Make smart living choices

Renting a flat might seem like the ideal option but it’s actually quite expensive and inconvenient too. Think about it, if you live in a rented apartment, not only do you have to shell out on rent but also on electricity, gas, groceries, internet, domestic help and more. On the other hand, a hostel or a PG will be a lot more affordable as you’ll be able to get a lot of amenities included with your rent. Your hostel or PG will also have systems like internet and plumbing already fixed which means you won’t have to worry about coordinating these for yourself.

Reduce your food expenditure

If you order out every night, your wallet and your waistline are both going to pay the price. Not to mention the adverse impact that all that greasy food will have on your health. Going out for a meal or ordering a takeaway is fine once in a while, but it should never become a daily habit. Instead, try to choose a hostel that serves fresh and tasty meals so that you’re less tempted to eat out. You can check the reviews or speak to some residents to find out about the quality of food in a particular place. And if you really don’t trust anyone else when it comes to handling your meals, why not opt for a hostel which has a kitchen that you can use to cook for yourself. This is often the most affordable option, especially if you’re smart about planning your meals in advance.

Don’t pay separate utility costs

When you live in a hostel with roommates, there’s always someone who ends up using the room facilities more. But when it comes to sharing utility costs, the bill is often evenly split. And that can be really frustrating, especially since you didn’t even use the facilities yourself. Instead of having to negotiate splitting utility costs with your roommates and managing multiple bills, opt for a residence where utilities are included in the monthly rent itself. Managed accommodation providers like Stanza Living have residences where the monthly rent covers not just utilities but additional amenities too. Which means that you end up saving a lot of money in the long run and you only have to pay a single bill. That’s the level of convenience you deserve.

Choose a well-connected hostel

When you’re trying to save money, you might make it a point to only look at budget hostels in Delhi. Which is a smart idea only if the hostel is located in a convenient spot too. If you’re staying somewhere expensive and then spending a tonne of time and money on travel, you won’t be doing yourself a favour. So, make sure that you choose a hostel that’s not more than 3-5 kilometres away from your college or workplace. Similarly, your hostel should also be in a locality where you can easily access public transport (so that you don’t have to hire pricey cab services) and have facilities like a market, chemist and ATM nearby too.

Those are some of our top tips with which you can minimise your expenses while living in a hostel in Delhi. Keep them in mind and we’re sure you’ll be able to save quite a bit of your hard earned money.

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