How to make your content funny?



Laughing is medicinal and that is a point that can be proven. When you laugh, you produce hormones that are helpful to your body. If you were stressed, laughing will relieve you. If you were depressed, laughing will generate hormones that will wipe off the depressed you. Apart from that, laughing can also help in relieving muscle tension. Laughing is a technique that is now being used by many therapists to treat patients who are stressed and depressed. Today, there are many funny videos out there. If you surf through the internet, be sure to come across as many as possible. Because many people are consuming funny videos made by Lustige Bilder right now, you can give it a try as well.

When you are trying to come up with a funny video or content, it is very important to know how to incorporate your fun or else, your content will be very flat. There are things that you should do when you are making your videos. Here are some of the ways to do it

Embrace simplicity

The first important thing to do is to embrace simplicity. It can be so hard to create something humorous by making it complicated. This is so because not everyone can relate to hard jokes. That is the same reason why you are advised to come up with a funny video that people will easily relate with and not a video that you relate with. Before anything else, try getting into your audience’s mind. Try finding out what they love and jokes that they relate with well. It is from there that you should try to come up with funny videos that will make them laugh.

Use irony

When you are trying to make your videos funny, the best way to do it is by making sure that irony is in play. When you are making images, you should try to ask yourself what the video will remind people of, what it looks like, and other things. When it comes to comedy, you should never take a keen interest in the mature you. Try looking at things the same way a child would.

Use of contrast

This is also another important way to make people laugh. Contrast is a very important element in comedy and in making funny videos. Contrast is what makes video funnier.

Following the rule of threes

The rule of threes is another important method to use when you are making funny videos. You can experiment with the rule of threes in your images and even captions. What you should do is establishing two items in a series or a pattern and then breaking the series or pattern with your next item which is the third item. Use that opportunity to set expectations and then reverse or do the opposite. This is like taking a hard turn and many people tend to like it.

Consider hyperbole

You can also use hyperbole to create funny videos. This is a technique that you can consider and try in your caption.

Consider sarcasm

This is a technique that you can incorporate in your Lustige Bilder videos but you should always be very careful when using it. If sarcasm is not used well, it will come out as being unkind. Therefore, you should be very careful and know how well you can use sarcasm in your videos.


To make your funny video lovable, there are things that you should consider doing. For example, you should make your funny videos as simple as possible. You can use other techniques such as hyperbole, sarcasm, and irony to make your videos funny.



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