How to make sure your escort feels good with you as well


You have reserved a date with one of the best escorts and you are both prepared for a pleasant moment together. By reading this article you will understand which are the most important aspects you should take into account so that the escort feels good with you. So, let’s take a look at what matters the most when dating an escort and how you can also make her feel great.

Let her know if you are going to be late or if you cannot come at all

First of all, before actually planning a date, it is important to read London escorts reviews. The clients’ reviews are very helpful. They can help you make the best decision. Now, let’s talk about the details that are important once you schedule your date with the escort. If before the date, something unforeseen appeared on your agenda, is common sense to announce the escort. Canceling without a warning is a big problem for her because the escort can still have dates and this way you will not ruin her program.

Always give adequate notification if you have to cancel the meeting. Preparation needs time and effort on both parts. You can be sure that the girl will do her best to look good and you must do the same. Take a shower, wear clean clothes and make sure you smell nice. And, if you are running late, also let her know in advance. This is a form of respect, and you must definitely be a gentleman.

You should never force the limits – This is a lack of respect

If the escort you have scheduled doesn’t offer certain services, you should not insist. If you want to try some sort of fantasy, then you better look for a girl who can meet your needs. Note that every escort offers her own services. So, look for one that offers what you need. The limits are set for a reason. Most independent escorts will list the services offered in their ad. Or, they will communicate your services when you call to schedule the date.

No matter how many times you have visited your favorite escort, do not ask her at any time to provide free services for you just because you are a loyal customer. It is the lack of common sense. You can see the problem this way. If your boss asked you to work for free, would you do it? I think you would tell him no, which is exactly the escort’s response. So, never ask the escort something like that because it is quite rude.

Shower before visiting a sex worker is mandatory

Refresh yourself before your date. If you come to meet the escort directly from work, have a shower at the hotel. In any case, in 99% of the situations, the escorts will ask you to have a shower before starting the action in bed. Again, this a form of respect. Note that the escort will come to you super clean and looking amazing. So, you cannot look less than that. Use a bit of perfume as well and don’t forget to clean your teeth.

Wear yourself civilized with an escort and treat her like any other woman. Be good and respectful with her during the meeting. An escort is someone else’s daughter, sister, best friend, etc. Do not ask the girl personal questions. This will make her feel super uncomfortable and she will not feel good at all. In fact, she will most probably feel very anxious and you will ruin the entire moment. Keep in mind these tips and you should ensure a fantastic date. Plus, the sex worker will be really impressed by you being such a gentleman. And, therefore, she will offer you the best services ever.

It is good to date an escort just once or for several times?

Some clients choose a company lady who likes them and become regulars. On the other hand, there is another category of customers who prefer to go to various escort ladies for diversity and variety. Also, other people want to try this experience just once, to see how it is. There are a lot of advantages to choosing only one escort and dating her on a regular basis. First of all, there is the confidence that is established between the escort and the client.

Once the escort is able to know a certain customer who returns to her every time at different periods of time, she no longer has to be suspicious about it. It no longer has to be afraid that that customer could be dangerous or problematic. Sometimes it happens that escort companies also offer bonuses to customers or tariff discounts. This does not happen to new customers. As long as you keep in mind these tips, your date will be unforgettable. And, most probably you will repeat it again.

You know what to expect on future dates

Secondly, you know what to expect when you are going to meet again with the same sex worker. Sometimes, the escorts post photos in an attractive and slightly deceiving way. In these photos, they look like a top model. Also, other girls use photos from 10 years ago. Yes, this happens even if it’s hard to believe. In these cases, it is always a total disappointment for the client. Sometimes you happen to have a positive experience with such escorts that are promoted at the bottom limit of common sense.

These problems can be avoided if you go to the same escort for a long time. Third, develop an intimate understanding with your favorite escort. As in a normal relationship between a man and a woman, after a while, you get to know each other. So, you know how to get better with each other. The escort will know what you like to receive in bed and will give you those things but also vice versa. So, both of you will feel amazing and you will not have to worry about anything.


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