How to keep your leather hats clean for many years?


Leather hats have made a statement in the fashion Industry. With the ongoing trends, it has become a wardrobe staple for many. The best part about the comeback of leather hats is their variety. The fashion world has introduced leather fedoras in almost every size and shape while helping you keep warm from harsh winter winds. However, leather requires maintenance. As a wardrobe essential, it is a must to store your leather hats with extreme care. Your suede or tanned leather fedora can remain sturdy for a long duration.


Before you dive into its cleaning process, you should know that tanned leather comes in two grades.


Aniline: It is full-grain leather that gets chemically treated with Aniline. Aniline leather is most commonly used to make hats and jackets.


Nappa: Nappa is among the highest grades of leather. It is supple, soft, and has full-grain lamb hide or sheep wool.


To keep your tanned leather fedora look its best, and to protect it from the harsh weather, treat it gently before you take it out. You can ask the retailer about the finishing of the leather, and further stay assured that a protector had appropriately treated the hat.


If your hat is not of premium quality or purchased through thrift stores, buying a leather protector product is essential. Leather protecting products come in various forms, including spray-on or liquid formulas. Leather protectors help ward off water and save your hat surface from stains. Protection sprays are necessary for yearly maintenance.


Few simple tips that can help prevent your suede or leather outback hat from damaging.


It is best to use cologne before you put on your hat.


• Avoid applying perfume, hair spray, or cologne over your leather fedora. The alcohol in the sprays can dry out the leather while staining the surface. Allow the products to dry out completely before your leather hat comes in contact with your skin/hair.

• Do not ever attach buckles, badges, stickers, or pins to a leather item. Glue or pins are likely to spoil the finish of your leather hat.

• If you want a quirky or unique look to your hat, embroidery, or emblems, it is get it by a professional.

Holes on leather surfaces caused by unsuitable stitching are challenging.


Leather dressings can also come in handy for treating tanned leather fedoras.


 • If your tanned leather fedora has lost its appeal, you can use a premium leather conditioner. However, it would help if you did not use harsh cleaner or saddle soaps. If your hat is dirty and requires washing, using a conditioner after drying is a must.


• In case you are caught up in a thunderstorm, clean the hat with a white, soft cloth. Then, leave your hat to dry naturally, and keep the inner sweatband turned down. You should also avoid exposing your hat to direct sunlight to dry it out. If possible, try drying your hat at home; this prevents your hat from misshaping and shrinking from the brim. Applying a leather conditioner after your hat is completely dry will help the cap remain supple and soft.


Cleaning Leather Suede Hats


You can find various faux suede fedoras, but there are only two sorts of authenticating suede material used for fedoras.


Suede: Natural leather suede comes from the soft underside of split-grain animal skin. The material has an absorbent finish and is effortlessly stained. For natural suede, it is essential to take particular care and follow an elaborate cleaning process.


Nubuck: Nubuck looks like suede. The material uses an animal hide top exquisitely buffed and sanded to obtain a velvety and soft leather finish. Traditional caring methods for this material are similar to that of suede. However, the removal of stains needs professional treatment.


If you wear your suede hats frequently, it is best to consider spray-on protector treatment for suede and nubuck. Spray-on protectors help ward off rain and provide protection from stains. To ensure the hat remains at its best, brush it with a soft bristles brush to clean loose dirt once a week. Hat areas that look matted, you can clean with appropriate material. You can remove oil stains using talcum powder or cornstarch. You can even repeat the process until the stain is gone; let the powder remain for a some hours till the oil is absorbed, then gently brush the powder away. Pigments that are difficult to clean can get treated by mixing water and detergent. Clean the mixture with a white wet cloth.


Storing leather hats


If you store your leather hat carefully, it will prevent almost all your leather hat issues. You can keep leather fedoras in a dry and cool area away from the sun’s direct rays. Make sure there is no excessive moisture that reaches your leather hat. Even closets on damp walls can ruin your hat. If dust is an issue, you can cover your hat using a clothing garment bag; a hatbox can also be a good solution.

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