How to Keep Up to Date with Your Team Even if You Miss a Match


Meta: Want to know what your favourite team is up to but can’t watch every match? Find out some of the best ways to keep an eye on what they are doing here.

We all want to be able to spend as much time following our favourite teams as possible. However, real life can often get in the way, and we are not able to do so. You might want to be able to keep up with every match that you can, but this is not always feasible. Here are some of the best ways to keep up to date with your team’s performances even if you have to miss a match or two.

Set Up Alerts

You can set up alerts on your phone that mean you will get a notification for certain things. Some people like to set them up so they can get news alerts about their local area or their favourite musician, but many also set them up so they can know more about their favourite team.

By using the team name as the keyword for the search, you will receive a notification for articles that happen to mention them. You may even be able to refine this further so you can avoid news from sites that you do not like or trust, even if it is about your favourite team.

Check the Odds

Every game will have a set of odds on who is likely to win. After all, each match will have a favourite and an underdog, and your team will probably spend time in both roles. By double-checking odds before a match, you might be able to find out how likely it will be that your team will win. Since some companies also offer fresh odds halfway through depending on the outcome of the match, you might even have the opportunity to check things out on your phone to see how things are progressing.

Many trusted online sites such as the casino NetBet also have sportsbooks attached to them where you can find up-to-date odds for upcoming matches as well as historic data on past results etc.

Follow on Social Media

Social media is a great tool for you to use to keep up with your favourite teams. There is so much that can be learned from here if you follow the right people. Just like with alerts, you can even set up notifications on your phone so you can see immediately when the accounts that you follow post something.

Obviously, the teams that you like are a must here. However, you could also follow the players, managers, and coaches to get more of an insight into what is happening with the team on a ground level. Finally, you could also follow some of your favourite sports journalists to get their take on various things.

Even if you can’t commit to watching every match, you can still keep up to date with your favourites. Modern technology allows us to stay informed no matter where we happen to be. From the alerts that we can set up from Google and social media to just checking in with winning odds, there is always a way to stay in the loop.

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