How to get real instagram followers


Instagram has become one of the top marketing tools for many brands. This is whether the brand is a service, an item (or items), or the person themselves. Here’s how you can attract Instagram followers

If you don’t have enough followers, the brand will not be as prevalent as not many people are seeing your posts.

There are some points you can follow to ensure that you increase the size of your real Instagram followers – those followers who are going to take your posts seriously and re-post them.

Establish your Brand Identity

This means completing the bio on Instagram. Do it well as first impressions last. For the people that have never heard of you, give them the full low down of your brand and what you do on this page. Make sure you include links to other pages within your account, make the text relevant and exciting.

Create your unique hashtag

Your username needs to be as close to your brand name as you can make it. Don’t go for something flippant and ‘funny at the time’. Make it look professional and people will trust your brand and want to follow you.

Create a content style which can be easily recognised as your brand and which marks you out from the others.

Ask for help

To get a follower, they have to know you exist in the first place. There is no shame in asking a well-known and established follower to give you a shout out. However, make sure that they keep it in context and are referring to you or your brand in a positive and knowledgeable way – otherwise other users will see it as desperation. Maybe set up a competition or similar and get your existing follower to repost.

Sometimes you can get help without even asking. If you are following any influencers you should make sure that you change your settings for Instagram to notify you when they create a post (‘Turn on Post Notifications’). When you get a notification, interact with them…this will get you noticed by them and their other followers.

Cross Promote across your other Social Media Platforms

As previously specified. If they can’t find you, they can’t follow you. Make sure that you advertise and market your Instagram account on your Twitter account – get hash tagging. Also references on Facebook and other platforms you have. 

The more you share your information, the more chance there is of someone visiting and liking what they see – and following.

Don’t get caught up in Fake Followers

Having fake followers can do more harm than good in attracting real followers. People are not silly, they can see when you are trying too hard to convince the world of how popular you are…for example, if you have 20,000 Instagram followers and no comments!

To encourage people to follow you – be real buy instagram followers  . If they like your brand, they will follow and thus generate comments and better engagement all round. Use a hashtag generator to find popular hashtags and then search them on Instagram to find real followers to follow before they follow you back.

Stay Active

You should be posting on a regular basis, otherwise your followers will quickly forget you. Some research suggests that you should study the optimum times to post, based on your brand. This may work, and there are now apps that can remind you at the required times.

If you schedule your posts, you can pre-create them and this means you can have a couple of days off, whilst remaining visible.

Again, there are tools that you can use for scheduling, you will need to research the best one for you.

Keep it Real and Keep it Relevant

Remember that your followers followed you in the first place because they liked what they saw. Don’t be tempted to radically change anything without first researching the effect this could have. Maybe ask the current followers what they think.

The smallest change of detail can make a massive impact to the reader.

Never try and imitate a competitor as the likelihood is that your followers and theirs cross over. However, it doesn’t hurt to take note of things that work well for them.

There are tools available that can help you to keep an eye on your competitor accounts and even produce analytics on what works and what doesn’t in your own account.

Be Visible

Everyone remembers that dress and whether it was blue and black or white and gold. When this happened, there were many dress shops who could’ve got in on the action (perhaps they did).

When everyone is talking about something in your brand area – get in there and drop a few hashtags, for hashtags research Task Ant always comes handy because this is an easy to use hashtag generator tool to help you find the right hashtags. Make sure that your post is relevant and something out of the ordinary.

Another good way of remaining visible is to seek out events for your brand area, either local to you or anywhere really. This is a good way to target specific followers.

To Summarise

There are many different ways to build your Instagram following, but numbers do not necessarily mean good. Before you follow others, look at their profiles properly and establish if they are trustworthy. If they are not, take on board how you recognised that it is trying to fool people into following and learn from it. Remember not to use the same tactics as they can be so easily found out and once you lose your audience it can be extremely hard to gain the trust back.

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