How to Find a Job for a Foreigner in Antigua and Barbuda


The Caribbean islands are the most popular holiday destination which attracts travelers by the bright sun and sandy beaches with white sands, and clear waters. Working in such conditions is a tempting prospect for those who don’t want to leave the tropical paradise and return to the urban concrete jungle to slush and traffic jams.

Antigua and Barbuda is a small Caribbean island nation with a developed economy, a high level of medicine and education. The country is developing through tourism, agriculture, and foreign investment. It makes this nation quite attractive for foreigners as a place of living and working. If you desire to get a job in Antigua and Barbuda, check out Jooble to find many pretty job opportunities.

Such an industrially developed country has a huge range of different kinds of professions beginning from teaching in local schools, colleges, and universities to tourist management and engineering. Except that, you have different opportunities to work in the region as chef, hospital, call center and customer service staff or personal assistants, etc. Let’s find out how foreigners could find work in Antigua and Barbuda and the general requirements for employees.

Applying for a Job

The very first step for applying for the position is sending a resume.  Even though organizations have different requirements for a resume, the nation standard format for it is a one-page resume accomplished with a cover letter. Before writing one, you should check the individual demands for the particular position you are trying yourself for.

A resume is the main thing an employer pays attention to when choosing a candidate for a job. Whether you are good for the position or not will only depend on how complete, competent, catchy, and original your resume is. On average only 6 seconds are needed for a resume to catch the employer’s attention. If you do not have enough skills in writing a resume or you doubt its correctness, then you can always use special services such as FindMyProfession.

When you pass the process of searching for a job and going to interviews, you’ll need to get permission for working in Antigua and Barbuda. The employer will have to get it for you. To do so, the following list of documents is needed:

  • birth certificate and passport;
  • temporary residence permit (you’ll automatically receive it after getting a job);
  • copy of your return flight ticket;
  • copy of the relevant qualifications;
  • proof that your employer could not find any suitable locals for the position;
  • evidence for payment for your work permit;
  • bank statements;
  • a letter from your employer taking responsibility for your safety while you are in the country.

Ways to Find a Job in Antigua and Barbuda

There are several ways of finding a job in the region. Once you are in the nation, you can combine business with pleasure by making an application via the islands’ job board. Sometimes hotels and resorts run job fairs mostly focusing on the hospitality sector. You can always search for a job using online boards or local news websites such as where employees can place vacancies.

Peculiarities for Applying for a Job for Foreigners

The government takes more care of the unemployed locals, so priority is given to them first. In case, the resident isn’t suitable for the position, an employer has to prove that there is a need to hire someone from overseas and make sure, the local was offered a vacancy.

You’ll likely get a job if you are a high-quality narrow specialist with a diploma. For example, the government encourages to work in fields with skills shortages e.g. marine biology. You are in good stead if you have engineering or medical skills.

According to local law, gender discrimination by an employer is forbidden, so an interview will reflect this. Furthermore,  if you are given a position in Antigua and Barbuda, you’ll get the opportunity to join the trade union and an employer must provide you with the working condition details (e.g. if there is any severance pay or holiday weekends, etc).

Further Information

As it was mentioned before, employers need to prove that the locals cannot apply for the position. That’s why, for foreigners, there are only highly qualified vacancies that required specific training courses or diplomas. Sadly to say, your application will be denied if you are looking for a low-skilled job without any specific knowledge.

So there are two other different ways. You can consider establishing a business in Antigua because the government has greatly simplified the process of running a business. The other way is volunteering. You can help rebuild smallholdings across the islands after hurricanes. It doesn’t require any specific skills and the landlords will be glad to take you in.

If you love animals you can work in animal shelters. There are lots of donkeys in the region. They are widely common amongst the poorer classes and farmers. That’s why many organizations are spread across the country to help needed animals. Besides, you don’t need to have specific vet knowledge to work in an animal sanctuary.


Now you find out about the peculiarities of work procedure in a Caribbean paradise and where to start from. Even though it’s quite difficult applying for a job in Antigua and Barbuda, it is a very educated country where lots of people of different cultures gather every year, so it doesn’t matter where you’re from.

About the Author

Linda R. Bedford

Linda is a Professional Resume Writer and Military to Civilian Transition Specialist. Her expertise range across a large spectrum of industries. She loves coaching with people and helps job-seekers in transitioning to their next and best chapter.


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