How to deposit funds in Revolut betting sites


Revolut provides bettors with a fast, secure, and convenient way to deposit funds but it is disappointing to note that not all bookmakers accept it as a payment option. It is over one year since it discontinued support of several  Revolut betting sites. For a player, it can be disappointing to wake up one day and find that your favorite and convenient payment option is no longer available.


However, it is not all lost for the players at revolut betting sites, there is a way that this problem can be overcome. We have found a solution; however, this may not be available in some countries. So read through and discover how you can deposit funds in Revolut betting sites among other tips that may help you navigate the platforms offering Revolut card as a payment option.


For those looking for a digital bank, one that can be carried in the pocket, Revolut is a good option. As a digital banking solution, Revolut virtual card offers bettors all that they can get in a regular bank with added features that helps in avoiding the bureaucracy and lengthy paperwork that characterize traditional payment options. With Revolut betting sites depositing is easy and there are lots of incentives that are offered to the customers.

Benefits with Revolut card

Depositing using Revolut as a payment option offers the following benefits:

  • It is superfast, deposits and withdrawals reflect immediately. This allows punters to play and also enjoy their winnings
  • It is very easy to manage the account
  • Punters automatically qualify for the sports betting bonus and promotions that are offered at Revolut betting sites
  • The Revolut app is compatible with major operating systems including Android and iOS.
  • Players have access to tools that help them with budgeting. This is an important feature that can prevent overspending. This means that punters are encouraged to bet responsibly through managing their finances as well as the time they spend on betting sites.
  • Customers with Revolt premium get promotions and discounts as well as early access to products which can help them enjoy their betting better. Revolt premium as indicated in the website, allows customers to upgrade to a global lifestyle.


Dubbed an innovative payment method, Revolut premium allows players to use their cards to deposit and withdraw at online sports betting sites. Withdrawals can be done from 120 supported ATMs, making it easy for those who may be in a jurisdiction that Revolut has not set its foot.


To make it easier for the players, Revolut allows control of all banking services through its app. Accepted in both Android and iOS operating systems, the app can be downloaded on mobile services allowing these and many more services:

  • Debit cards
  • Euro and GBP bank accounts
  • Insurance
  • Foreign currency exchange that attracts no fees
  • An opportunity to trade with cryptocurrency
  • Trading on stocks
  • Peer to peer payments

With all these features a player will have a bank in the pocket, where a variety of transactions can be made at the comfort of the house.


The only flipside is that Revolut is limited in terms of where it can be accessed. Currently, these services are available in only forty countries. This can be limiting for those who may travel outside these countries and want to continue wagering.


Revolut has said that it is only a matter of time; they are trying everything possible to ensure they spread their wings to more countries allowing customers to deposit and withdraw their funds safely, conveniently, and cost-effectively.

How do you deposit funds in a revolut betting site?

It may be your first time at a Revolut betting site and may be wondering how you can deposit funds and enjoy the benefits mentioned above. Here are the steps to follow for a smooth process:

  1. First, you need to get a Revolut app and register an account. It is available in Google Play as well as in the App Store. To complete the registration process, you need to provide some personal details such as your phone number. You will be issued a Revolut card once you have opened an account.
  2. The second step is funding your account where you need to open the account section of the app and click on add money. Enter the amount you want to spend while utilizing the features provided at Revolut betting sites to assist in budgeting and avoiding overspending.
  3. To use Revolut virtual card in the betting sites, you need to look at bookmakers that accept the payment option. Here, you register like in any other bookmaker. You can get some insights on the bookmakers that accept Revolut from Mightytips, a platform that offers a comprehensive analysis of bookmakers.
  4. Once you have signed up on the Revolut betting site, deposit the funds using the payment method. Depositing using Revolut card is easy, go to the Cashier section and select Revolut from the list of payment methods. Next, enter the amount to deposit while bearing in mind the budget that you have allocated for this purpose.
  5. With your account funded, now you can start betting and enjoy all the benefits provided by the Revolut betting site.

A tip for those who may be locked out of the Revolut premium payment option


Given that some bookmakers are not supported by Revolut, players can send funds from Paypal to Revolut the debit card instead of the payment system. This will require linking your Paypal to Revolut. This allows depositing funds by usual means than using the Revolut debit card to transfer to the betting account.


Revolut is one of the best payment options available for bettors. It offers features that make it convenient, safe and secure to fund your betting account. All you have to do to enjoy the benefits provided by this payment option is select top-rated Revolut online sports betting sites and make the best of each bet that you place.


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