How to Create a Winning Marketing Strategy


We all want to be connecting our businesses with people who could benefit from our products or services. Marketing is a big part of accomplishing this. The following will explore some steps you can take to create a solid marketing strategy for your business.

What Is A Marketing Strategy?

A marketing strategy is an approach a business takes to reach out to potential consumers and convert them into customers. In one sense, the concept is simple: it’s a game plan for convincing people to buy your product or service. In another sense, it can get quite complicated because a well-developed strategy will have many elements. It will include:


  • A value proposition, which is what you have to offer and why it’s valuable to your potential customers

  • Your brand narrative, meaning the story you want potential customers to hear about your work

  • Data surrounding your target demographics, meaning the basic information about the groups most likely to buy your product or service, where they spend their time, and what convinces them to make purchasing decisions


In addition to these elements, the marketing strategy will contain several plans that use this information to encourage new customers by creating tailored messages in the form of images, articles, videos, advertisements, social media posts, events, or other tactics that are then placed in front of people who could become customers.


The most successful marketing strategies tend to include timelines with checkpoints scattered throughout that allow marketing teams to reassess what is working and what isn’t, garnering the responses predicted. The minimum marketing strategy understands the product or service being sold, the ideal price point for that product, how the item or service is promoted, and where it’s being announced.

Start With Your Goals

Before you start laying the groundwork for your marketing plan, you need to get specific on what you’re hoping to accomplish. You want your targets to have a due date, meaning you want to be selling x more ys by z date. You also want to be making sure that you’re not spending more to accomplish these goals than you’ll be making if you meet them. Marketing strategies aren’t successful if they’re losing your money on the bottom line.

Do Your Marketing Method Research

There are many different ways to reach audiences in today’s digital world, and each of them prefers other platforms and messaging techniques. Take some time to learn about all of the options available—even if you’ve taken this step before. Things move fast in the online world, and this means that marketing strategies that previously worked might not be as impressive, or there could be completely new platforms that you’ve never heard of where your target demographics are hanging out.

Press Releases

No longer is it enough for you to share information about your business with customers; people (especially generation z shoppers) want to hear about your business from someone who isn’t you. This is where press releases and press kits come in handy. Suppose you’re not familiar with the concept.


In that case, a press release is a piece of writing (written in a somewhat strict format) that is submitted (usually via email) to news organizations, blogs, and other content curators intending to tell them about a good potential story for their own sites and publications (a story that makes your business look good, or interesting, or funny). For more information, click here to see how much work goes into publishing a press release. Given the amount of research that it takes to identify hundreds of outlets accepting press releases and the technique required to write them, many businesses reach out to a professional team to help them out with the process.

Video Content

People are watching more videos online than ever before. Some suggest the average for video streaming content in America is eight hours per day. That might sound crazy to you, but the data is there. People are constantly watching online videos. Tutorials are a great place to start in this form of content—teach people how to use your product or how to select a provider for the service you offer.  Demo video is also an effective way of showing how your product works to potential customers. Many successful blogs use to teach their customers using an informal tone. Depending on the industry and the topic itself, this could be an impactful strategy. Turning these into videos and adapting them to the different platforms might result in complete success if you team up with top marketing and video production agencies. Find more about it on


People like reading quick and informative articles that can help them with their daily lives. In 2020, more than 400 million people read more than 20 billion pages on WordPress each month. There’s no way your target demographic isn’t somewhere in that 400 million. Studies have shown that businesses that take blogging seriously are 13 times more likely to have a positive return on investment.

Search Engine Optimization

It’s not only about getting advertisements to your potential customers; it’s also about getting your potential customers coming to you. Search engine optimization, the process whereby you meet search engine criteria so as to improve how often and how high up you come up in search results. To improve your rankings, you need to focus on keywords (meaning finding the terms that people are searching for and including them in your text so that search engines know your webpages meet the needs of particular searchers). You also need to work on boosting your domain authority.


Every site in the world has a domain authority ranking between zero and 100. The higher your number, the more trustworthy you are deemed by search engines, the higher you’ll rank. One of the fastest ways to improve domain authority is to get other sites with strong domain authorities (over 70) to link to your site. This can be done with the press releases mentioned above, as well as by guest blogging or guest podcasting.


Always Be Adjusting

No matter which marketing plans you employ, you want to be constantly aware of their impact. This means you need to regularly examine the outcome of your efforts using analytics and sales data and readjusting. Sometimes you get surprised—maybe that random blog post you shared about someone’s dog coming to the office one day got way more views, leading to sales on your products than you could have ever expected. Maybe that app you thought your customers would surely be hanging out on doesn’t suit your target demographic after all. Look at the data and tweak the plan.


The above tips should help you set your marketing strategy with success in mind. Of course, every industry functions a little bit differently. This means that additional marketing strategies might suit your work that isn’t included on this list.


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