How to Convert a Site Visitor to a Lead


Divorce and family law attorneys rely on leads in order to keep their doors open. Most lawyers do not have a stream of repeat clients, so it is especially important that law firms constantly market themselves in order to attract new clients. Your website is vital to helping with this process. You can push people to your website using search engine optimization, networking on social media websites or even through traditional print marketing, but if your website does not give potential clients what they want, all of that marketing was for nothing. As such, you may be asking how you can convert a site visitor to a lead. Here are a few of the ways that that can be accomplished. 

A Fast-Loading Webpage

One of the keys to converting a site visitor to a lead is having a fast-loading webpage. If your website is heavy on the graphics, or is not set up for mobile users, it may be slow to load. Think about the last time you visited a page that was slow to load. How long did you give it before you simply x’d the page out and moved on to a different website? Odds are, you did not give it long at all, and your site visitors are the same way. People do not want to wait, so it is important that your website loads quickly. 

A Great Website Layout

Having a great website layout is another vital component to converting a site visitor to a lead. Visitors do not want to wait for a slow-loading webpage, nor do they want to visit a website that is hard to navigate. Visitors expect to see a layout that is clean, easy to read, and easy to navigate. Your visitors want to be able to click on a tab and be taken to the information they are looking for, such as the services you offer or information about your lawyers. Having an easy to follow and clean layout helps your visitors find what they want, which increases the chances of them becoming a lead. 

Letting Visitors Know Who You Are

Another way to convert a site visitor to a lead is to let your visitors know who you are. When people are looking to hire a divorce or family law lawyer, they may be going through a tough time in life. They do not want to hire a stranger to help them. They want to hire someone who they feel comfortable with. As such, it is important that you let your visitors know who you are and what services you can offer them, to ensure you come across as human and approachable. 

Setting Yourself Apart from Competitors

It is common for people to visit multiple divorce and family law attorney websites before deciding on which attorney to consult with or hire. One of the key ways that you can help to convert a site visitor to a lead is by letting website visitors know what sets you apart from other law firms. Maybe your law firm is geared toward promoting father’s rights, maybe you are the oldest family law firm in your area, or maybe you have a high track record of mediating disputes before they go to court. Take the time to list this information on your website so visitors know what your firm is about and what makes you so special and unique. 

Feedback from Current and Past Clients

Any lawyer can say they are the best lawyer in the area. As such, visitors often read right over this information on websites. However, what does stand out to them is feedback from current and past clients who have used your law firm in the past. Having a spot on your website that is dedicated to feedback or testimonials can be a great way to showcase your firm’s reputation and show visitors what your past clients really have to say about working with you. 

Making It Easy to Arrange for a Consultation

The final important step you must take if you want to convert a site visitor to a lead is to make it easy for site visitors to arrange for a consultation with your law firm. Every page on your website should have information about setting up a consultation, such as listing your company’s phone number, giving them a place to directly email your company to set up a consultation, or even allowing them to live chat to set up a consultation. Visitors do not want to hunt down a way to contact you if they like what they see, and having it easily accessible on every page makes it easy to convert a site visitor into a lead. 

Converting a website visitor into a lead is not an easy process. There are many steps involved to ensure potential clients who visit your site turn around and schedule a consultation with you. This is where a marketing company that has experience helping divorce and family law attorneys can help. A marketing company can help with your website and help provide guests with information about why they should choose you and your law firm. Here at Gladiator Law Marketing, we can help you market your law firm. Call us now to get started. 

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