How Much Do Enamel Pins Cost To Make?


So, you are here with the great enamel pin design and ready to get yours. But, you must be wondering how much it cost to make? 

Well, the cost to make enamel pins vary for each factory, the size and design of your enamel pin also affect the price. 

Let’s have a look at things that will be going to affect the price of your enamel pin.

  • Size of your enamel pins 

The size of these pins matters a lot while designing. These pins are usually around 20 mm to 50 mm. 

However, the ideal size is 20mm or 30mm because they are easily wearable. People also make 50mm size enamel pins. These pins are good for sports events such as tennis, football, hockey, or any other sports tournament.

As 50 mm size enamel pin is maxed in size so it is very obvious that more metal, color, printing, or enamel paint will be used. So it will be charged more than usual pins. You can also have your custom enamel pin, there are many sites offering such services. Among many, one is and they’re best in their service.

  • Enamel Color of enamel pins  

You have to design your enamel pins; it’s your creation so it’s up to you to choose colors. Mostly, the enamel pin manufacturing company allows choosing 4 colors but if you want more, you can!

Keep in mind that the price will be increased with the addition of colors. 

For a 13mm to 20mm size enamel pin 3 to 4 enamel colors are enough. If it’s 21mm to 30mm you can choose 4 to 5 colors and if you want 50 mm size enamel pin you can choose up to eight or even ten enamel colors.

  • Quantity of enamel pins 

Quantity also affects the cost of your enamel pins; if you ordered a bulk of pins it will save your budget.  

If you are a beginner and new to this field, you must be wondering how many enamel pins I should make for the first time. 

Well, it is highly recommended to order 100 badges because it is an ideal amount to order for beginners. Ordering 25 badges are not budget-friendly, and it ends up selling your pins highly-priced. 

 The rule is very simple “the more you will buy, the more you will get a cheaper price.”

However, sometimes this rule doesn’t work for some people. So, make the order according to your budget and choose the option that works best for you. 

  • Enamel pin’s plating  

Plating is an essential part of the manufacturing of enamel pins. You have a variety of options for plating such as nickel, rose gold, silver, black nickel, antique silver, black dye, antique bronze, white dye, bronze, and many more. 

You can choose whatever suits you.

And again keep in mind that extra plating will charge you the additional cost.

  • Enamel pins on backing cards 

Some organizations and companies use backing cards to represent their pins. These cards are the best ways to represents one’s message. You must have to try these backing cards; this will definitely sell your pins better!   

Backing cards will cost more than typical things, but it will definitely worth it.

Things that make enamel pins unique 

Some fancy things that will make your custom enamel pins unique and the best to stand out in the market are given below:

Yes, this will charge a bit more but it well worth it later. 

  • Glow in Dark 

Glow in the dark are perfect customized pins for dark events. These pins work best at the time of Halloween parties because everyone is looking for a spooky look. 

There are many colors for glow in dark. You can add different colors to get a great variety of pins.

  • Epoxy Coating 

If you can’t try epoxy coating then you must go for this option. It works on soft enamel pins or some die-struck material. It gives a smooth finishing to your pins. 

It is the best option to give your enamel pins a luxury look.

  • Logo Stamp Reserve  

Logo stamp reserve is a great way for extra branding of your enamel pins. You are not limited to this; you can add a slogan, name, website name, or whatever you want.  

Sum up  

Making enamel pin badges is an endless effort and people love to do such efforts.   

Now you have enough know-how about how much it cost to make an enamel pin. You can set your budget accordingly or whatever suits you best! 


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