How Do I Tell My Husband I have HIV?


Dear Kate,

I have a situation that I need some advice on. Recently there was a free HIV/AIDS testing. Actually, it was on December 02nd if I am not mistaken.

So, I went to do a test just for the fun of it and to my surprise it was positive. Now I have been with this one man for over 13 years.

Actually, we are married. I am losing my mind because I remember four years ago I travelled and cheated on him with a random stranger and maybe I brought the disease home. Or perhaps it could be him who cheated with someone.

I am worried because I haven’t told him anything. I really don’t know how to explain to my husband that I have HIV/AIDS.

Right now, all I can think about is the fact that I am going to die of disease and how many other people may actually have it.

Then I am also worried about my two boys who will have to live without me.  Tell me something. Anything. Please.



Dear Distressed,

Chances are you may die of another ailment and not necessarily HIV/AIDS given the latest medications on the market. And take comfort in the fact that sooner rather than later there will be a cure for this deadly disease.

Now having said that, it’s been two weeks since you’ve found this out and you haven’t said a word to your husband and I reckon you have not gone to doctor to start the medication required. Don’t take chances with AIDS.

The best thing is to speak to your husband and I am suggesting in the presence of a counselor because these things are very hard to deal with.

Right now, it is unclear and unnecessary to point fingers as to who may have given it to you. The fact remains that you contracted the diseases and you husband should get tested.

In addition, anyone that you both may have had unprotected or even protected sex with needs to know so they too can get tested and tell their partner or partners. Then the list goes on.

Telling your children can wait but get the most important things out of the way. Tell your husband. Let him get tested. See your doctor. Start your medication. I am sorry for your ordeal.



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  1. One of your best reply Kate on the other hand I am gonna point fingers as a married man I feel disgusted about this as the woman could be the one who brought home this disease, just for a few minutes of pleasure you put your husband life in Jeopardy so disgusting

    • LOL!!! She may need her own personal bullet-proof vest. Or…..maybe he was the one being a ho and gave the virus to her.

  2. You men and women are just nasty and selfish, sleeping around having unprotected sex with “anything” you please, and putting your innocent families at risk for diseases and demonic spirits contracted from these flirtateous strange souls.

    Think of it – a moment of pleasure is worth a lifetime of condemnation? If you have “white liver” buy a darn false penis, a blow-up doll, or go back to the good old remedy of masturbation.

    The church condemns masturbation for many reasons I am sure they are correct, but if it is the only way to get a quivk relief for a burning desire, and rather than to go sex the wrong person, just MASTURBATE (but, make sure all “tools” are properly steralized to avoid infections).

    I aint sugar-coating a blasted thing. We are adults, and need to set examples for the youths.

    Man are you eyes too lang, ebry ‘ting’ are you see are you want fu taste, and women stop playing harlots and keep your darn legs shut sometimes.

    Think, act responsibly, and stay “FAITHFUL” to “ONE” Partner, for the wages of sin is death, and the gift of God is eternal life (Choose wisely).

    • Correction, you should have said “idk why SOME people get married…”.

      Marriage is the best thing one can do because our creator says we should do and that we can have a happy family life if we are selfless, humble and just follow God’s guidelines. He would not have instructed us to do so if it was not for our benefit.

      • CORRECTION: Marriage is not THE best thing one can do. Accepting God’s free gift of grace is THE best thing one can do. Marriage is NOT a requirement for heaven. Not everyone want to and/or will get married. Marriage does not = happiness.

  3. Wowwwww…. ….I guess bcos you cheated you feel guilty which as a married woman you should….BUT married men cheat all the time and never feel bad dem even tell you I love you coming fresh off of another woman or man….


    Firstly treatment needs to begin IMMEDIATELY….

    I would take him to clinic n jus say lets take a HIV test randomly..I would insist….

    When it comes back ….u might lucky he’s clean …GOD is a miracle worker ….act shock….

    Then he n you will have to come clean with all indiscretions past n present….

    But whatever the outcome ….treatment NEEDS to start immediately….cos you could be reinventing each other n dats dangerous

  4. Sinners pointing fingers at sinners saying her sin is worst than theirs. Now that is sad. Lady keep your head up first thing you should do is get tested again, start medication and tell your hubby as soon as possible then contact all the person(s) you gave a piece to. Its no longer a death sentence.

  5. A night of reckless pleasure and now you’re thinking about your children , women please , a you must learn to be content with what you all have.

  6. all women cheat it’s a everbody eat everybody world any man that believes his wife or husband is sleeping with them alone is just crazy. ….these ladies are slicker than men without a doubt, they will sex in the day and come home and cook u dinner with a smile …..and 90%of these cheating don’t happen in the night men it is the day time when u at work and she at work……women love spontaneous action that is what turn them on ,they love the sense of newnest that butterfly feeling in their stomach so u know what they do to catch the butterflies. ……98% of women cheat and the other 2%na get catch yet…..nit leaving out men all men cheat ALL ….so people stay single

    • lol you a kill me.. not everyman is a cheater or woman. We live in the caribbean where people love follow people trend unfortunately.

  7. Just tell him he has a right to know. Start doing a lot of praying cause its not going to be that easy for him. Hopefully all u can work it out some how.

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