How do I calculate my container requirements?


Shipping containers and containerization aren’t some thing that most people, even furnish chain managers, assume about that much. That’s no longer surprising, as these containers are so ubiquitous it’s handy to forget simply how a good deal they have revolutionized world trade. Since containerization used to be introduced, it’s emerge as a imperative section of provide chain infrastructure, and it’s well worth digging into the information at the back of containerization a little more.

Here are solutions to the questions you didn’t be aware of you had about containers, containerization and how they make getting merchandise from A to B as environment friendly as possible.

There are pretty a few extra kinds of shipping containers out there that serve special needs. Let’s take a appear at some of them, shall we?



Flat rack containers are essentially systems with no partitions or roofs that are used to transport matters like pipes, machinery, timber, buses, and boats. In different words, whatever massive or cumbersome that wants to be loaded and unloaded from the top.

Some flat rack containers have collapsible aspects that make the cargo convenient to remove, and others’ facets are constant in place. Collapsible flat racks can be stacked collectively — a stack of 4 is about the measurement of a dry storage container. Flat racks come in each 20ft and 40ft sizes, even though the widths and heights are regularly comparable between the two.


There are a lot like dry storage containers, without they have both a tarp on the pinnacle or a convertible lid that can be taken off totally to accommodate shipments of any height, consisting of large tires.

The brief facets double as doors, so there are a couple of selections when it comes to loading and unloading cargo.


Also referred to as double-door containers, tunnel containers are essentially dry storage containers that open at each ends as a substitute of simply one. This makes it simply handy to load and sell off the shipment, or if the container is being used as a transient warehouse, to get to a piece of saved cargo that would in any other case be caught in the again of the container.

As you would possibly expect, tunnel containers come in 20- and 40-foot lengths. They are generally made of metal and have plywood floors.


These are a lot like tunnel containers barring that solely one of the brief aspects has doors, and one of the lengthy facets can be opened to accommodate large things. This format is additionally beneficial for assisting to stumble on unique cargo barring having to dump too a great deal of the container.

Many kinds of containers have forklift pockets so they can be without problems moved round when empty. You can simply see the forklift pockets round the backside of this open facet storage container.


Bananas like to journey in a positive way. Image by Refrigerated and Frozen Foods


Reefer containers are used for delivery matters like produce and different perishable objects at steady temperatures over lengthy distances. They are generally air-cooled or water-cooled, even though some of them come with a generator.

These containers are the motive that I can get oranges and apples 12 months round, in spite of dwelling in the Midwest. They’re additionally used for objects like sparkling vegetation and pharmaceuticals.

The container pictured is designed to transport bananas, which need to be stored away from oxygen lest they start to ripen. It has a managed environment gadget that can maintain bananas inexperienced for up to forty five days.



Not all perishables have to be actively refrigerated all through shipping, however they do want to be stored inside a precise temperature range. Some matters like apples or sure kinds of prescribed drugs will do first-class in an insulated or thermal container.

Insulated containers additionally serve the reason of safeguarding the cargo from backyard air contaminants with the aid of going for walks it via a filter first. Some insulated containers have twin partitions like a Thermos, and others are absolutely lined with thermal blankets.


These are specialised containers for transporting units or stacks of things. They have rollers on the backside that make them less complicated to cross around, and the complete element can fold up for storing and stacking.

Cargo storage roll containers are generally made from robust wire mesh and come in extraordinary colors.



Half-height containers are essentially dry storage containers that are half of as tall, and can be both open-topped or closed.

These are normally used to go matters like coal, stones, and different heavy, pour-able cargo that calls for effortless loading and unloading. They’re additionally used for vehicles, heavy equipment, or some thing else that matches inside. The decrease middle of gravity makes them pretty beneficial for heavy loads.


Yep, you guessed it — these are for transporting automobiles and different vehicles. If you purchase a vehicle overseas, it has to get to you somehow.

Many vehicle carriers have a ramp and two tiers of racks so they can be stuffed with automobiles except losing any space.


Tank containers are large steel cylindrical tanks with frames constructed round them. They’re used for transport all sorts of beverages from molasses to gasoline.

Each tank container can lift 21,000 to 40,000 liters of something kinds of drinks it is designed to store.


These are a classification of specialised container that holds the whole thing from beverages to solids. They are commonly used for delivery items like chemicals, meals syrups, paints, and uncooked materials. IBCs are known as intermediate due to the fact they are smaller than tanks however large than drums.

Some containers are rigid, and others are bendy and fold up for storage when empty. IBC containers have solely been round for about thirty years.


We’ve all considered these before, although there are many sorts past the 55-gallon drum. Drums are generally made from steel, tough plastic, or dense paperboard, relying on the supposed use.

Drums are reachable containers for many drinks and powders due to the fact they can be rolled, moved round with a hand truck, or stacked collectively on pallets for effortlessly moving companies of them round with a forklift.


These are unique, every so often one-off containers that are frequently used for high-profile shipments like weapons and army cargo. Because of this, they are regularly closely secured.

Unlike most different standardized containers, these come in many shapes and sizes and are made of anything substances go well with the exceptional purpose.


These are ordinarily used in Europe and have a robust backside with the convertible top, so they can ship many types of items.

Swap body containers are normally solely used on vans and trains and don’t experience on container ships. Instead of a sturdy base with forklift pockets, these have spindly folding legs on the corners to help the container at a dock or between truck and train.

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