How Can I Build a Healthy Relationship Through Sexting?


Everyone wants to have a healthy relationship, but some strategies work better than others. You have probably already heard the ubiquitous advice to communicate better and be more affectionate. But much of the latest research points to sexting being something that can help improve the health of your relationship because of the ways that it dovetails into healthy relationship behaviors.


Below, we’ve got some tips on how to create a better relationship with nothing more than your phone, your partner, and some thoughtful sexting get trt online


Do Something New Together

Time Magazine lists having sex somewhere new as a way to reinvigorate your sex life since it can release dopamine, a feel-good hormone. And they’re right: changing up the scenery can add a new element to your sex life. But the benefits of sexting are double. Whereas the reality of sex on the kitchen table can be that it’s cold, hard, and not very comfortable, it doesn’t have to be that way during a sexting session. During sexting, you’re not limited by your flexibility, endurance, or anything else that confines you in real life. You’re free to be super creative and letting your partner see a different side of your sexuality can change your sex life permanently for the better.


Learn How to Set Boundaries

Boundaries aren’t just for toxic relationships; they’re unquestionably necessary for healthy relationships, too! All too often, people think that their partners should be able to guess what their sexual boundaries are. This notion comes from the idea that there is one “normal” sexuality to which most people subscribe (which is patently untrue). And it’s worsened by the fact that talking about sex is scary, and the majority of people would like to avoid having an uncomfortable conversation.


But sexting forces you to talk openly about what you like and what you don’t. Starting a conversation about your sexual needs can set you up for a lifetime of great sex—or at least for the duration of your relationship.


Have Better Sex

It’s a common misconception that sexting is inferior to in-person sex. Sexting can be just as hot as regular sex, if not hotter. When you sext, your routine goes out the window. Even if your current sex schedule would be something like “twenty-one minutes of penetration every Wednesday and Saturday night,” that’s not what happens when you sext. You have to be creative, divulge your fantasies, and seduce your partner. And getting good at these things will mean your sex life is hotter even long after you’ve stopped sexting.


Dodge the Common Relationship Traps

Psychologists have nailed down some of the most common reasons that relationships fail, including partners having trust issues, compatibility problems, and communication breakdowns, and sexlessness. People often overlook the fact that a lot of these problems can be improved—or even solved—by incorporating sexting.


For example, trust issues can be exacerbated when your partner is away. You don’t know what they are up to or who they are with. But sexting keeps you connected and is a reassuring reminder that your partner is focused on you.


Frequently, compatibility issues go hand in hand with communication issues. When you feel like you’re not compatible sexually, it’s often because someone hasn’t come clean about a kink or fetish they have or what they need in order to climax. Sexting forces you to home in on what you want from your partner and put it into words.


Sexlessness has a lot of causes. Sometimes it happens because of unresolved conflict within a relationship. Other times it happens because the sex became routine, and both partners were bored. But regardless of why it occurred, sexlessness is often a death knell for a romantic relationship. Sexting can help end sexlessness because it brings novelty into your sex life. It’s a little bit different than your regularly scheduled missionary position sex, so it’s fun and exciting, not to mention erotic.


Increase Desire

Sexting helps increase desire simply because you want something you can’t currently have, which is the definition of desire. If you had it, you wouldn’t desire it anymore. When you’re apart, sexting allows you to create sexual desire in your absence, which is something a lot of long-term couples lack. Further, one of the cornerstones of a healthy relationship is a little bit of space. And sexting means that you can maintain a bit of distance from your partner, which is a good thing for both of you.


Check out some of the people you could be chatting with right now:

Get Started Sexting

You don’t need to have a partner to start sexting; all you need is a website that will protect your privacy and keep your interactions anonymous, like Arousr. Sexting with someone you don’t know will help you practice so that when you do sext with your partner, you will blow their minds.

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