How can Antigua Airways promote educational tourism, research and scholarship

Antigua Airways

How can Antigua Airways promote educational tourism, research and scholarship

When we think about air connectivity, we think of the transportation of people and cargo between continents, countries, and cities. Less profoundly, intangible products are also being transported with the people and cargo including culture, knowledge, work and academic opportunities.

The presence of Antigua Airways will aid in tightening the gap between two regions with similar historical backgrounds—and fosters a more effective method for educational tourism, research and scholarship.

A spokesperson of the airline stated, “Antigua Airways is aligning itself to be the Pride of the Caribbean, to achieve this, the executives have decided to increase the prevalence of a rising phenomenon known as educational tourism”. With a booming tourism industry, many branches have emerged, and educational tourism has been a key branch over the years.

Airline Executive Alan Vassell added that “educational tourism allows international students to immerse themselves in an entirely new culture while gaining a quality education.”  With an established African-Caribbean link and now direct flights from Lagos, African students are now incentivized to consider studying at one of Antigua’s immaculate tertiary institutions. Certainly, these students should also be exposed to scholarship opportunities to cement their decisions to study at The UWI Five Islands Campus or the American University of Antigua to obtain a medical degree.

As the global tourism industry grows and recovers from the pandemic scars, so will educational tourism. “The airline’s decision to promote this tourism segment will also allow Antiguans to learn about new cultures and discover similarities whilst generating income for the country.” Vassell further explained. In some instances, international students decide to remain and work in Antigua utilizing the skills taught during their studies—and by extension strengthening the country’s skilled labour workforce. Education and research go hand in hand. If educational tourism is being promoted, research should be facilitated.

“We are working assiduously to take off our training wheels and kickstart our journey into promoting educational tourism and research while providing nonstop flights at optimal safety and comfort.” the spokesperson added.


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  1. How can you seriously run this article after reporting about the suspicious nature of the people who are arriving on this airline?

    This is just like when you go kfc and you gyal say she na wan nuttn but soon as you get you food she “didn’t actually mean she didn’t want no food”. Chups

  2. Is Antigua Airways mentioned in the ABLP manifesto? Is it a part of their long term vision. I couldn’t find it.

  3. Amazing how those who seek to take advantage of you come up with the best stories. Antigua Airways is already shrouded with deception, suspicions of human trafficking, money laundering and everything not needed by our Nation! NOW, the writer is trying to “butter” us up, giving us a 6 for a 9 and mamguy-ing us! A different tune with the same refrain – lies, lies, lies!!!

    The electorate is wiser – tear gas, scandals, self-enrichment while pensioners, Liat, Jolly Beach & Civil workers can’t get paid, Granny still caarn bathe and over 30-failed projects – have been a wonderful education in knowing – RED DEAD!!! VOTE DEM OUT!! WICKED SET ARH PEOPLE!!!

  4. When you think about Antigua Airways, why would Marvelous Mike choose Antigua over any other Caribbean island to start an airline? Asking for a friend.

  5. People really still cannot be this dumb? A blatant deception right in their faces and they still can’t see it? C’mon dude, this Antigua Airways thing is one big joke son, open your eyes.

  6. Has anyone seen or heard from Max ‘Whey Him Dey’ Fernández or Colin ‘The Invisible Man’ James?


    I hope their ok turn up on 18th of January … 👌

  7. Just call the venture of Antigua Airways what it’s turning out to be, and this is #MIGRANT_TOURISM.


    A…we all know MIGRANT WORKERS and its meaning.
    B…subsidise the transportation of these Africans to Antigua.
    C…provide them with low level employment to pay for their trip, food/lodging.
    D…once terms of indentureship are completed, offer them a pathway to citizenship.
    E…In the case of Antigua, Barbuda & REDONDA, they’ll be eligible to vote in the next General Elections come 2028.

    …Nothing, as in #No #Thing
    …‘it’s, the only #thing
    …which happens by mistake
    …most are by #Design
    …some are by #Destiny
    …the balance by #default
    …as #TIME, is left in its own wake!

    Ras Smood aka Jumbee_Picknee
    De ‘ole Dutty Peg Foot Bastard

    Vere C. Edwards

  8. If you say it long enough the functional illiterates will believe you. You have been told tourism is the economic savior; for even the semi-illiterates can make a living from activities called tourism. The signature tourism branding item is 365 beaches and it is believed without question. Tourism is good and the only choice for economic development. That’s dunce bats vision and bad policy from the beginning..
    Now every scam is going to be something to do with tourism. Give the Beachland away, has to do with tourism. Give the Port away, it has to do with tourism. Pick up migrants from Africa and dump them on the streets of Antigua and it has to do with tourism

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