How Antigua and Barbuda can profit from exporting tourism to London


With strong ties between the UK and Antigua and Barbuda already existing, there are numerous opportunities for companies looking to forge strong links and bring investment into both the UK and the Caribbean islands. Here we take a look at the two countries working together in the tourism industry, and the possibility of Antigua and Barbuda exporting travel and tourism to the UK.

The second Antigua and Barbuda – United Kingdom Forum has recently taken place in Leicester. The event was designed to encourage and promote business between the UK and the Caribbean islands.

One of the biggest industries in the Caribbean is travel and tourism, and with the forum coinciding with the World Travel Market – taking place at a similar time in London – exhibitors had the opportunity to showcase what they have to offer to two audiences.

Is it time for Antigua and Barbuda to profit from exporting tourism?

With the links created by the trade forums, UK tourism businesses have the opportunity to forge partnerships with travel companies from Antigua and Barbuda to bring tourism into London.

Most of the main attractions around London are accessible by public transport, but there is plenty of unseen London that can be toured by car. The sight of London tour buses shows there is still a market for tourism by four wheels, but the London buses only go to the main attractions in the center of the city.

Attractions like Kew Gardens and Windsor Castle are just two examples of alternative tourism attractions. But they would require more travel, and this is where the alternative tour idea comes to fruition.

Using company vehicles, tour operators could run a more personalized experience, showing tourists around more distant London attractions. This could be a more tailored holiday experience for travelers from the Caribbean, and it could be either the main focal point of the trip or something to do to get away from the hustle and bustle of central London.

Keeping costs down in London is essential and while difficult, it’s not impossible. The companies would be required to run a streamlined operation, and that would mean taking advantage of anything that could save money.

This could be fleet vehicle bulk discounts, working out the best way to financially navigate the London congestion and low emissions zones, and taking advantage of HMRC mileage rates, where companies like Moss can show you how to best utilize mileage allowances by clearly explaining the difference in rates between electric and fuel vehicles.

As well as keeping costs down in the UK, there are already significant trading advantages in place that can be used to help streamline more.

Antigua and Barbuda is starting with a trading advantage

Under the terms of the CARIFORUM-UK economic partnership agreement, Antigua and Barbuda already enjoy preferential access to the UK when it comes to goods and services.

Tourism is covered under the services sector, providing the ideal opportunity for companies on the two islands to forge links with the UK and bring their expertise in travel to the UK. The trade agreement will greatly help Antigua and Barbuda companies and is a further example of how the companies can streamline their operations.

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