How and Where is it Better to Convert Crypto?


The Internet offers dozens of services and websites allowing to conduct operations with cryptocurrency. They are divided into three main groups:

  • Simple exchangers (small websites with a limited number of crypto coins available, often high fees)
  • Decentralized platforms (services that act as middle layers between users who convert crypto directly. That is, funds do not remain on a platform but move between users’ wallets).
  • Centralized platforms (official and registered exchanges complying with all the regulator’s requirements and providing all the protection mechanisms to ensure client safety).

We will talk about the best option from the list – centralized exchanges.

The Reasons Why Centralized Platforms Are Better

Usually, centralized exchanges are much more convenient and user-friendly compared with other exchange options. For example:

  • Crypto coin calculator is a tool that helps users to get current crypto rates and see how much one needs to spend to buy that asset. Calculators are straightforward to use. They are usually tables with space to enter the information: coins, amount. Calculator cryptocurrency displays the size of the fee, and the user understands how much one needs to pay to buy this or that coin.
  • Interface. Large centralized platforms are sometimes difficult to handle, especially for a beginner trader. However, they are much more user-friendly compared with decentralized exchanges. Take WhiteBIT, for example. This centralized exchange offers two interface options for users – basic and advanced. The interface in the WhiteBIT application can be configured according to a user’s needs.
  • Safety. Decentralized platforms are not responsible for the safety of clients’ trades, so all responsibility lies on the user. Centralized exchanges share this responsibility and do their best to ensure that the funds are protected. Besides, every client sets a two-factor authentication for one’s account.
  • Customer support. Centralized exchanges provide customer support for clients, chats where they may ask questions and receive quality assistance 24\7.

Other benefits of choosing centralized exchanges to convert crypto are a considerable number of traded pairs and various trading tools.

We recommend using the WhiteBIT platform, which is a reliable and officially operating service in Europe. It has a convenient cryptocurrency calculator even a novice trader can handle. You may pick among over 450 trading pairs and use a wide range of tools, including advanced futures and margin instruments.

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