Housing Initiatives Flourish: A Triumph for the Gaston Browne Administration


In a significant development that underscores the commitment of the Gaston Browne Administration to addressing the housing needs of Antigua and Barbuda’s citizens, the Minister of Housing has announced that the Caribbean Housing and Planning Association (CHAPA) is poised to hand over several houses to new homeowners in the Bolans development next week.

Additionally, National Housing has already fulfilled its promise by delivering houses to homeowners in their new Oliver’s Estate development, located behind LICS Ltd.

This remarkable progress is a testament to the success of yet another housing project initiated under the leadership of Prime Minister Gaston Browne.

Bolans Development: A Dream Realized

The Bolans development project has been a long-cherished dream of the Antiguan government. With the looming housing crisis and the pressing need to provide affordable and comfortable living spaces for its citizens, the government, under the stewardship of Prime Minister Gaston Browne, initiated this ambitious project. Now, the dream is becoming a reality as CHAPA prepares to hand over several houses to new homeowners.

The Bolans development is strategically located, offering residents easy access to essential amenities such as schools, healthcare facilities, and shopping centers.

Furthermore, the picturesque surroundings make it an attractive prospect for families looking to settle down in a peaceful and vibrant community.

The soon-to-be homeowners are not only acquiring houses but also investing in a better quality of life for themselves and their families.

Oliver’s Estate: A Shining Example

Meanwhile, National Housing has already set a high standard with the Oliver’s Estate development.

This initiative, situated behind LICS Ltd., is a testament to the government’s commitment to providing affordable housing options for its citizens. The completion of this project will result in over 300 new homes being made available to Antiguans and Barbudans.

The success of the Oliver’s Estate development is not just measured in numbers but in the tangible improvements in the lives of its residents.

The modern infrastructure, green spaces, and community facilities in this new estate promise a high quality of life for its occupants. National Housing has demonstrated its dedication to creating sustainable communities that foster growth and well-being.

A Continued Legacy of Success

These housing projects represent more than just bricks and mortar; they symbolize the promise of a brighter future for Antigua and Barbuda. The Gaston Browne Administration has consistently championed the cause of affordable housing, recognizing it as a fundamental right for its citizens.

Prime Minister Gaston Browne’s vision for housing initiatives has not only addressed the immediate need for shelter but also contributed to the economic growth of the nation. By providing opportunities for homeownership, the government stimulates construction industries, creates jobs, and ultimately strengthens the economy.

As we anticipate the joyful moments when new homeowners take possession of their properties in the Bolans development next week, and as we witness the blossoming community at Oliver’s Estate, it is evident that the Gaston Browne Administration continues to deliver on its promise of progress and prosperity for all.

In conclusion, the imminent handover of houses in the Bolans development and the successful launch of Oliver’s Estate stand as shining examples of the Gaston Browne Administration’s commitment to improving the lives of its citizens through affordable and sustainable housing initiatives.

These achievements not only address the immediate housing needs of the people but also pave the way for a brighter future for Antigua and Barbuda as a whole.

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  1. Hopefully this isn’t just a photo opportunity to make autochthonous and critical thinking Antiguans to believe that PROGRESS is being made.

    The ABLP are well behind in this particular MANIFESTO promise, and is it a coincidence that this photo shoot is taking place before the St Mary’s South by-election?


    Alliteration at its best me ah tell unna …

  2. Here comes the Propaganda!!
    A by election must be on the horizon, people getting houses in Bolans ( wink wink)
    This government has absolutely no shame!!

    • @Enquiring Mind September 15, 2023 At 6:42 pm
      But you are right. It’s always about the leader. Like it was about Papa Bird, thereafter it was about George Walter, then it was about Papa Bird again, then about Lester Bird, when he lost and Balwin took over it was about Baldwin Spencer, and now for nine years it’s about Gaston Alphonso Browne. He is the leader. He is who we follow. It is his administration. The Prime Minister chooses whom he wants in his Cabinet. They all serve at his pleasure. Why do you think Baldwin Spencer was able to fire Colin Derrick, Joan Massiah and Maleka Parker from the senate after they voted against his bill for CIP. Because they were appointed by him. They served at his pleasure.

  3. It remains to be seen if the people of St Mary’s South is gullible and blinked to fall for ALP trickery and act of skulduggery and vote ALP. If the people of SMS should make the mistake and vote them in they will live to regret that error of judgement.

    AlP failed SMS for ten years and now a bielection is imminent they are working overtime by carrying out cosmetic renovations, which is ten years too late.

    Gaston’s administration failed to realised that they have a duty to make necessary provisions for all Antigua’s citizens irrespective of their political persausions and they have failed the nation in that regards. Hopefully, the people of SMS will have the good sense by not allowing themselves to be bought, as come what may changes must come for the good of the entire nation.

    SMS should not forget the scandal and the shame that Olabanjo and Gaston exposed Antigua to with Gaston’s migrants and subsequent scandal with Air Peace Airlines. Incidentally, what has happened to those West Africans, has Ooabanjo with the support of his “tight friend” sneeked them over to Barbuda to work on projects over there with the view of integrating them into local communities over there?

    SMS has a duty to our country by not allowing ALP to gain footing within that consistency.

  4. The way this is written, you would think it’s Gatson Browne is who running for the seat in the SMS district. Lol. Please tell us about the George guy that is supposed to run against Shuggy sir, not what this failed Government is “trying” to do for the people of SMS.

    If this Government was so helpful to the SMS people, well why would you replace Samantha with a “No name” like this George guy?

    If the Gatson Browne government was so popular in this district, why not just stay with the candidate that had the seat for the past 8yrs?
    Well I tell you why, because they have not delivered on their promises to the people of SMS and have failed my constituents miserably.

    Do not fall for the lies of this failed Government people of SMS, do not.
    These people will sell you water from melting ice 😂. Oh I forgot, it doesn’t snow in Antigua.

    • Good points @ Islanman26, but all I would add to say is, just watch what will happen to the “George guy” (as you put it so well) when he loses the St Mary’s South by-election.

      Gaston Browne and the ABLP will cast him out like last week’s garbage, and send he into the ether never to be heard or seen again, and then the “George guy” will beg to return to the UPP.

  5. It seems that when you point out an error to the Editor, he ignores it and leave the error. Is it a case of pride? We all make mistakes, even the best of us. Yes, me too.
    But to leave a mistake after it has been pointed out baffles me.

  6. No Brix. When you are speaking of yourself and your UUPiets I will not respond to you. I just notice how you are eating out your heart each time you hear about the tremendous progress this only Female Minister makes. Under her stewardship more houses have been built than at any other time in the history of this country. 1500 and counting. You can fact check that one. But then again. You do not care about facts.


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