House Passes Bill To Impose Large Fines and Jail Time for Littering

Illegal Dump Site At Royal Gardens

“We’ve had a problem in Antigua & Barbuda in succeeding in keeping this country clean”, Health Minister, Molwyn Joseph told parliament as he tabled the Litter Control and Prevention Bill Thursday.

He said the bill, which repeals the current Litter Act, will introduce “large fines and jail time for dumping”.

Under the new provisions, an individual can be fined up to $3000 and a year in prison for littering.

The maximum fine is $15,000 if the offence is committed by a business.

Drivers who dump garbage illegally will be liable to fines of up to $5000 and may have their vehicle impounded and license suspended.

“We intend to undertake a robust program of education, we intend to undertake institutional strengthening and we are going to train some litter wardens in this country, the Health Minister explained.

The bill will give litter wardens the powers to initiate criminal proceedings against offenders.

A Magistrate may order offenders to clean up litter dumped in public places.

Additionally, property owners can be ordered to clean litter on their premises or destroy buildings considered “unsightly” by the wardens.

“The owner, occupier or person in control of any premises shall be responsible for keeping such premises, the immediate outskirts, the sidewalk and any gutter or drain adjoining the premises clean and tidy at all time”, the Minister said.

The bill also incentivizes persons to report acts of littering though a rewards system.

Vendors, bus drivers and beachgoers are also mandated by the act to provide garbage receptacles.

Three public consultations were held early this year for the bill, which had it first reading in parliament in April 2018.

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  1. Haha haha another day another joke
    another pappy show in parliament , make laws don’t enforce them, repeal laws then make another law don’t enforce them..repeat indefinitely
    We all know that certain trucks and drivers will be exempt , those that are fronting for ministers and ALP operatives and Spanish people will be given a pass
    Pictures and videos of illegal dump sites and willful littering are all over social media every day and the offenders are untouchable

  2. Mankind is not suffering from a lack of laws, mankind is suffering from a lack of consciousness, and awareness unfortunately these qualities cannot be legislated.

    A nation where consumerism is the way of life will ultimately have more waste to dispose of. Consume less, less waste to dispose of.

    Just an idea introduce an environmental tax on all imports personal and commercial. Individuals get paid 90% of the initial tax once waste is dispose d of properly. The other 10% goes to administrative costs.

    So private individuals can earn an income by collecting waste and disposing it properly. Just an idea out of the box.

  3. This is a good idea and I support this new law. Hopefully this new anti-littering law can be enforced strictly.

  4. It’s about time I’ve seen folks change there oil ,just let it run out in the sand,
    After all it’s your Island,if you want to treat it like a Shit Whole don’t expect
    Someone else to clean it up.

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