Hospital sets up field hospital in anticipation of Omicron Tsunami


A number of field hospitals were erected outside the Sir Lester Bird Medical Center today.

According to reports, the tents are needed to increase the space available to patients in the Emergency Room since a spike in COVID cases has caused more people to report to the hospital.

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  1. This is not about the Omicron ‘Tsunami’, it’s about keeping up the constant scaremongering (in which Omicron has already been proven scientifically to be not as serious as first thought).

    The efficacy of the vaccines are diminishing faster than the so-called experts expected, and is now causing all sorts of problems with those who have taken these controversial gene therapy drugs – especially to their immune systems and organs.

    Creating this new fear, instills obedience, and that the constant lockdowns will continue, IN ORDER TO KEEP US ALL UNDER GOVERNMENT CONTROL.

    • More of the same unsubstantiated BS from someone who is not even in Antigua. Brixtonian is just an agitator who does not have any substance behind anything he says.

      • Everything that I have mentioned has been from the medical experts, data analysts and whistleblowers etc., that have been silenced by global governments and the main stream media.

        Ask yourself why have they been silenced and threatened with losing their livelihoods (If you can think for yourself)?

        As you put it, I’d rather be an ‘agitator’ than a sheep who believes everything Gaston Browne says than the medical profession that’s been wilfully silenced.

      • If you would stop yawning then just maybe 🤔 you would see that only 7 people is hospitalized and the balance is on self quarantine. Don’t fall asleep wake up, next your going to hear how much they spent on tents ⛺️ to help accommodate COVID-19 patients. Wait did they already spend large amounts of taxpayer dollars on buildings for that?
        People wake up

        • The low level of hospitalisation proves the vaccines are doing the job of keeping serious illness at bay, as has been evidenced all over the world, which is fantastic. However, the likes of Brixtonian are not willing to admit this and still insist that the vaccinated are the problem, when in fact it is the unvaccinated who increase the risk of new variants as when they get infected the virus is able to replicate and mutate more effectively. He quotes “medical experts” but the opinions he quotes are a small minority. The majority of respected medical opinion is unequivocally supportive of vaccination. Brixtonian has a personal agenda because he is unvaccinated and as a result can’t travel to Antigua. I will continue to listen to respected medical professionals, not a bitter unvaccinated and unqualified internet jockey!

          • The low levels of hospitalizations are due to Omicron infection staying mostly in the upper respiratory tract and symptoms are more like a cold/ flu. The vaccinal antibodies CAN’T block Omicron as evidence by the large number of vaccinated that have and are becoming infected.
            Just as antibiotics breed resistance to bacteria, vaccines put evolutionary pressure on viruses to speed up mutations. Viruses mutate all the time, and if you have vaccines that doesn’t block infection completely then the virus will mutate to evade the immune response in that person.

          • Sadly, Gaston Browne and the main stream media has turned you into a fear-driven and hateful automaton. Thankfully, many of us STILL haven’t succumbed to their rhetoric and propaganda and we continue to think for ourselves.

            Much respect to all critical thinkers in Antigua and around the world.

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