Hospital sends letter to nurses


Dear Nurses,

Thank you.

We see you.

We support you.

We need you.

You are truly the backbone of healthcare.

As we celebrate our nurses during National Nurses Week, I encourage you to join me in showing appreciation to all nurses across Antigua & Barbuda.

I especially want to thank our nursing team at Sir Lester Bird Medical Centre (SLBMC).

Every day, you work hard to raise the bar for our patients and our organization, wearing many hats and roles.  You support our healthcare providers, our patients, administration, staff and everyone in between.

I know I speak on behalf of everyone across our organization when I express how grateful we are for every one of you. We couldn’t do any of this without you and are honored that you have made Sir Lester Bird Medical Centre your home.

To me, there is no better profession than nursing.

The heart and soul of which has never changed. Nursing is—and always will be—the most humbling, meaningful and rewarding of any profession.

So, on behalf of a grateful organization…

Thank you—each and every one of you—for your humanity, humility and compassion.

Happy Nurses Week!

Jacqueline JnoBaptiste 

Director of Nursing 

Sir Lester Bird Medical Centre 

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  1. Well sounds like little little too late smh. Where was all this appreciation when they were short staff. Where’s all this appreciation when they lack supplies to do their jobs. You wonder why Antigua is suffering is because of posts like this. Screaming appreciation when basic supplies and care can’t even be met. I find it so funny how they can release this letter when the nurses aren’t at the forefront of the hospital’s administrative staff. It’s sickening. You late.

  2. So before u pay them more money or give them a bonus u write a heartfelt letter for THE PUBLIC to read how u concerned about empowering employees???

    So how this letter after THE GENERAL PUBLIC and these nurses benefit from as you the director write supposed to benefit others. Nobody cares about no empathy or no heartfelt concern.

    Your director and u definitely not getting nurse wages but u have big position n not doing nurse labor. And u just expect hard working ppl to read this and be like yes we understand and push more for your satisfaction

    Lmaooo it’s a cold cold world

    But as usual the typical Antiguan is gonna read and grumble under thier throat and smile at she when she pass as if she did something oh too well lol

    Dunce is right!!!

    Antiguans get what they deserve

    Walk arl over dem and leff dem hopeless cuz they gonna take it regardless and they won’t do nothing
    They don’t even respect themselves enough to stand fit thier own rights

    They just cuss and protest

    Lollllll it’s easy to do whatever you want when ur country uneducated

  3. Every time Gaston wants to make a pronouncement, he makes himself absent. They have planned to challenge the results in at least two constituencies so we hear them making grand plans to construct the Cemetery, increase water supply and invite the fraudulent Nigerians to create some kind of Economic Zone, among other self- enrichment scheme, like Reverse Osmosis Plans throughout the island. People, don’t be fooled; vote them out again and ask the Nursing Director to stick it.

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