Hospital responds to controversy over catering contract


The following is a press release from the Mount St. John’s Medical Centre (MSJMC):

Mount St. John’s Medical Centre (MSJMC) categorically refutes publicly issued statements by Mr. Nigel Joseph of Nigel’s Catering regarding the selection process for a supplier of dietary services to MSJMC.

Mr. Nigel Joseph was fully aware and participated in the selection process, as did all other prospective suppliers who were made known of this opportunity via public advertisement. This process was no different to the process that Mr. Nigel Joseph would have participated, won and was awarded a contract. At that time, there were unsuccessful bidders.

Prior to the conclusion of Mr. Nigel Joseph’s contract, he was made fully aware that a public selection process would have been initiated, as was done previously. Mr. Joseph was made aware of the requirements of the selection criteria that were conveyed via a Request for Proposal (RFP) communicated to Mr. Joseph and every other proposed bidder who responded to the public solicitation.

MSJMC has always intended to ensure that suppliers of services meet set standards of operation and have the capacity to provide the institution’s goal of delivering stable, consistent, and reliable service to its patients. The process fairly and transparently considered five (5) proposals from individuals/companies duly registered within Antigua and Barbuda; examined and evaluated all bids and made a selection based on the advertised criteria.

Selection criteria were appropriately defined and communicated to Mr. Joseph and all prospective bidders with priority areas consisting of (1) cost options, (2) technical capability, (3) dietary services (meal production and menu format/flexibility)(4) financial capability, (5) relationship with suppliers, (6) references and (7) readiness to assume services.

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  1. The government always seem to support the wealthy when they spend their money. This is how it works.

    The government wants catering to upgrade their facility to improve the quality of services they offer so that they can sell that service as part of the package when seeking additional airlifts.

    Now, catering does not want to upgrade, so catering say to the government if we upgrade we want guaranteed contracts for X years to recoup the money spent.

    The government gets what they want and the less fortunate becomes the collateral damage already calculated for by the government they elected.

  2. Notice everytime the wealthy builds a building just because the government ALWAYS occupy it.

    KFC building on Old Parham Rd INET is there why? That location has limited parking, not strategical.
    What’s the cost of that monthly rental?
    APUA has the entire Bencorp building and the rental space at Cassada Gardens so huge that they gave space to another government department. Then go and rent space from KFC…..

    This is corruption…..

  3. It seem the bidding process is not streamlined or equitably noticed. Usually the current vendor gets points for performance and service, which rates them above new bidders. However new guidelines levels the playing field and often becomes a burden for the experienced vendor.

    Shouldn’t the new state of the art hospital have a cafeteria and food service on site? This would have been more cost effective, and the staff would also benefit from this entity. The patients would have a meal plan according to dietary restrictions, and the dietitians, nurses and doctors would be able to better care for the patient as a team. This is practiced throughout the world.

    With off site catering: the monitoring systems seems to be lacking or non existent; how are dietary restrictions followed? There is a rumor that the patients often aren’t fed because the food count was low or did not include special diets.

    This is another critical area the Ministry of Health need to address and rectify.

  4. All we do in this place is TALK, TALK, TALK, TALK, TALK, TALK, TALK, TALK.
    This radio talk show, that radio talk show. We complain, we groan, we swear, we moan. The men sounds so helpless. The women sound so frustrated with the men sounding so helpless. The men fraid, so they take it out on their women and children because they feel they have to bang something, somebody.
    One Rastaman call in on Crusader everyday and every day he just SHOUT, SHOUT, SHOUT. One ton a lamentation. One woman calls Point and bug the shite out of the host. She doesn’t care what is the subject under discussion. Just because she could call. After all it is talk radio. One man calls voice of the People and have to wait long time to get in because the host talking about how he love pork.
    Everybody is a christain and they waiting for God to sort out the world boss. But God not listening. He gone somewhere else. He tired and fed up.
    The peaceful law abiding opposition trying to reason with the laborites, and they preaching to the people about when they get in what and what they going to do. Meantime, the laborites going with everything that not nail down.
    So, not very soon, this powder keg is going to blow. But the suffering must go on little longer til we cyah tek it no more. I already choose my bunker for sheltering the fallout.

    • @We just talk…a man is the product of his environment. Your rant makes no damn sense, and attempts to change the dynamic if the discussion. Stop talking and do something to make change and contribute to the growth and development of Antigua. STFU!

  5. MSJMC, you just don’t get it, do you?
    You don’t favour outside people over your people for contracts. The money you pay him will come back to pay your services through the people you employ and give service to.
    Oh, hell! The black man’s curse again?
    Is somebody up there against the man because he appears to be getting ahead in life?
    Damn it! Damn it! Damn it!

    • @Reply…You are so correct! A local contractor, hires locals to work, buys from local vendors, bank locally and the pay taxes to the government. Its a win-win for the local economy, and the money is circulated locally. The person issuing contracts missed/failed the basic economic class.

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