Hospital low on anaesthesia, dental clinic leaves patients in pain, and Board of Guardians payments overdue, poor people cry


REAL NEWS –  Vulnerable residents continue to be disadvantaged by the poor provision of government services, several persons are complaining to REAL News.


Reports reaching our Newsroom today claimed that the public hospital, Sir Lester Bird Medical Centre, has had to postpone all scheduled surgeries because its supply of anaesthesia has run low.


Accordingly, the sources said, the supply in hand is to be reserved for emergency cases only.


REAL News has confirmed that this directive was, indeed, given to the operating room staff – verbally. However, the source noted, no written instruction to this effect was issued.


On Thursday, other complaints came from persons who said they had traveled from all over the island to the Grays Farm Dental Clinic, only to leave in pain and without being seen by the dentist.


One woman says that with the lack of water hampering other clinics, she decided to go to the Rural West facility and arrived before its scheduled opening time.


However, she says, when the doors were opened, at 8:12 a.m., to the approximately 30 waiting persons, they were informed that only four persons would be seen that day.


This, reportedly, was because eight spots were being reserved for prisoners, the woman says they were told.


However, she says, when the prison bus turned up, there was only one inmate, and the remaining seven spots were not assigned to the persons who remained on the premises.


Earlier this week, Senior Citizens Day was acknowledged by a private radio station and the United Progressive Party, but reportedly not by the Government.


One elderly resident – an octogenarian – reported that the Board of Guardians stipend on which he depends has not been paid since May. At that time, he says, beneficiaries received payment for five months, beginning in January of this year.


But, since then, he says, “not a penny” of the less than $300 he should receive monthly has been paid.


As a result, he is asking whether the Browne Administration has any regard, at all, for the plight of the poor, especially those who are without family assistance.

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    • Yes siree, I warned that the lies and broken manifesto promises would come back to bite us on the backside.

      @ WELCOME TO ANTIGUA, you and I knew this would be the outcome once the ABLP was voted back into power – although very close.

      What’s so worrisome for all of us, is that the ABLP have only been returned to office for only 7 months
      and 4 more unproductive years ahead!!!

      My word, what is in store for Antiguans in the foreseeable future?

  2. One day we will become more responsible in our reporting when it comes to our country. But I guess everything goes in politics. Even if it means bringing down your country.

    • If you can’t refute the allegations, then why are you even talking? All the lies are being uncovered now; plain and simple.

    • @ From The Sideline


      You do not understand the plight of poor people, because u living off the hog while everyone else complaining. You think we live in a land of milk and honey.
      Antigua hard hard hard and has been like this for a long long time. ABLP rob this country of all its resources in order to please and satisfy their minions.

    • The shit which comes from your mouth @From The Sidelines really tell the tales of your di*k sucking!

      How is reporting on a Public Health issue, which is affecting poor people bringing down the country? It might be bringing down the crooks in the ruling arm of the government, but not the country.

      What happened to the Powerhouse and all of its employment opportunities?
      Isn’t there full employment in the Nation that workers from Africa have to be brought in to help out the workforce?
      Or the Alfa Nero delayed sale at auction have put the government in deep shit which is stinking up the Nation?
      You need to shut to fuck up!

    • Sideline… are you saying that the story is false? If so, shame on the reporters. However, if it is verified, then it should be reported. Why do you want to hide the truth in the interest of protecting politicians? The same politicians, by the way, who are more responsible for giving the country a bad name than any report in a newspaper ever could.

  3. The government treasury as broke as they say they are continues to pay the government ministers in a timely manner for their heavy duty equipment, rental of properties. Don’t tell me most is from statuary bodies. Half of dozen and six is the same. The private contractors in this country that supply or work for government/ PWD don’t get paid, unless you are politically aligned. Cool and Baba are still walking out of thd treasury with millions.
    They guess what the leadership says they donate and sponsor lots of events. Where is the money coming from- from over priced projects. Say no more . The leadership of this country sucks- greed is the order of the day.
    Obstinate – get what you can , get what you can take ……

    The Nation needs more #whistle_blowers like this attorney, who allegedly reported, this PERP(white collar criminal) to law enforcement.
    Kudos to this attorney.

    Ras Smood aka Jumbee_Picknee
    De ‘ole Dutty Peg🦶🏿Garrat_Bastard

    Vere C. Edwards

  5. Wise to educate ourselves in alternative medicine aka home remedies. What is going on in the world is beyond government do not leave your source for existence in the hands of another man. The fight for survival is personal so my people start recovery by getting to know what you can do without the “professionals”. AND SEEK GOD, NOW.

  6. So, did this website called the Hospital and verified this information. We had many of these stories in the past, only to find out they were all fake news. So, nothing new here. Just print anything that would bring down your country. And in the hope of making your government look bad. Meanwhile every credible agency is lauding Antigua and Barbuda praises for its economic growth. Its growth in the Tourism sector and so on. SLBMC is praised for its continued setting of new medical standards. Just the other they Dr. Dwayne Thwaites had his first penile surgery.
    Cataract Surgeries are being done. Kidney Transplant is being done.
    Our hospital has been at the forefront of many firsts in the Caribbean. And unlike under the UPP, where none of the equipment worked, we have invested in many equipment, in particular dialysis machines.
    But you guys have one aim and one goal, bring down this government even if it means, bring down your country with lies.

    • … And your aim @ From The Sideline, is for Antigua to become an AUTOCRACY with Gaston Browne at the helm as a dictator, and destabilising and destroying the fabric of our honest & hardworking society.

      SAY IT AIN’T SO …

  7. Hope you enjoying who you voted for. All those bribes you accepted for your votes being “fruitful” now. Your Porkston Browne was so smart and fool all of you and now she living high on life now. She even has plenty property she bought below market price. When she and she family need medical attention, she fly out and get taken care of. In the meantime you, yes you that voted for her, can’t get pension, proper medical treatment, can’t get paid. All of you deserve what you are getting now. Porkston Browne and her family thanks you for voting her and her rogues in again and hopes you continue voting for her next elections and the following elections down the line until she retire rich and go live in some foreign country. All thanks to you who voted to keep her in power.

    Your Porkston Browne thanks you and will have her bribes ready for you next elections. Make sure you get a good TV, microwave, fridge, stove and driver license again.

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