“Horror House,” State College students and staff lament conditions


The injury of a 16 year old A-levels student at the Antigua State College (ASC), while in class, has brought to the fore a litany of complaints about the poor conditions of the institution.

Reports are that the young lady was having class in the auditorium when a plank fell and hit her in the head. An ambulance was called to the Golden Grove campus and the student was taken to hospital.

Students subsequently complained of the deteriorating condition of the facility, including filthy bathrooms, no running water and mold.

An administrator who requested anonymity said that while the government was focusing on turning the controversial Five Islands facility into a University of the West Indies campus, the Antigua State College was grossly neglected.

“They need to get serious with the one and only government college. Every weekend we have a break in for over a decade and nobody can fence (the campus),” the person said.

“Nobody care about Antigua State College. You think it is easy up there? It’s a horror house (but) people are afraid to talk about it.”





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  1. It is indeed time for the college to be looked at holistically, both the physical buildings and the commitment of teachers to the students.
    I have a few friends attending UWI undergrad program and the way they are treated is horrible. VERY FEW teachers show up for class on a consistent bases and when asked to do better they either make themselves less visible or they blame the student.
    Every parent, student or friend I have spoke to have the same complaint about the head of the department who have very little respect or regard for the students.
    Information be sent off to UWI, Barbados are often times not done or not done in a timely manner.
    We will reap what we sow, let us please, please provide our students with best we can give them- They are tomorrow’s leaders.

  2. I hate cowards y u hiding behind the scenes and talking only when things happen u all speak out the place no good. So y u all still get up every day and go there to work? Time we get some leaders; u all always want people fight u all battles . Stand up and be counted

  3. The Government needs to subcontracted out the entire Public Works Department. Paying the staffs weekly and monthly salaries for unproductive work. The country infrastructure is poorly maintained by this ministry.

  4. I agree with Faye Mills.. We in Antigua just bark and no bite at all. Even when it hits home we mumble within ourselves and don’t speak out. Stand up for who we are, stand up for Antigua State College. Smh

  5. Education should be a priority…build leaders, have some vision into what will make Antigua and Barbuda great..relying on tourism is flawed…this facility was a shambles in the late 80’s early 90’s….shameful

  6. This situation is not limited to the State College but it is indicatuve of all our government institutions in our fair country. Yet I listened with amazement as I hear politicians back by some of our so called educators with much pump and pride give very political expedient speeches about how we are ready to have our own university. while all our schools properties are so poorly under maintained and funded.

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