Homeowners will be made to clean gutters in front of their homes in new law


The new law governing littering and environmental management also ensure that homeowners take responsibility for cleaning the gutters in front of their homes,” the government has said.

Homeowners who discharge kitchen water and bathwater directly into public gutters are those being targeted under the law.

It is believed that those sources feed grass, moss, and other unwanted vegetation that block the flow of the very water which is discharged.

“The law will, therefore, compel each occupier of the residence fronting on a public gutter to keep that gutter clear of vegetation,” a Cabinet statement said.

It was noted that even in developed countries where resources are plentiful, the law requires each homeowner to keep his sidewalk and gutter clean.

The laws of Antigua and Barbuda will shortly require the same of all those homeowners and tenants that occupy homes with gutters or frontage.

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  1. I pay property tax to get this service, and you are asking me to do it SERIOUSLY? So what will you use my property tax to do? I will not be fooled in this play of cleanliness. Property tax should be used to pay people clean in front my yard. These politicians are tricky.

    • You pay taxes to get service not for you to do the service yourself. These are ridiculous laws. Expensive to enforce. Give someone the job to keep it clean.

  2. First of all there are a lot of communities where there aren’t no gutters in front of the homes. A matter of fact there are dirt guts and the government need to get their act together in constructing proper gutters and drainage in communities. In my opinion I see so many unfinished gutters is so many communities which shows that maybe the government is trying to bite more than what they can chew. If the resources from all these unfinished projects were concentrated in one or two communities, at least we would have one or two communities completed and looking nice. So I’ll suggest concentrating on one or two communities at a time.

    The other point I would like to mention is that the law should go a bit further in not allowing households to run their waste water in the gutters. All waste water should be run into a soak away on the house owner land.

  3. Cleaning in front of your home is nothing new. I remember growing up when people used to sweep yards, outside your fence if not planted with flowers, used to be swept and the gutter cleaned up to the width of your boundary. Why is it so difficult to clean the gutter immediately in front of your property? Whether you pay property tax or not has nothing to do with keeping your property or your community clean.
    Do you suppose that just because you pay property tax that the government or the community group should clean your property, paint your house etc. Or because you pay a license fee that the transport board should maintain your vehicle?
    Come on people, this is a part of civic pride. When we migrate to other (bigger) countries there are laws that we do not agree with but we comply without as much as a murmer.
    I lived in North America and that is compulsory wether it is spring, winter, fall or summer. You HAVE TO keep your sidewalk clean and unencumbered or else you can be charged/fined, or can be sued if someone using the sidewalk in front of your property and in doing so gets damaged because of your tardiness.
    Just put politics aside and do the right thing for once. Antigua doesn’t belong to the politicians it belong to us and our future generations.

    • “we pay road license fee”, not for transport board to up keep YOUR vehicle, you are right….so maybe you would not mind repairing any pot holes that the public road in Front of your House may have??

  4. That goes to show how we are as a society. I didnt think government had to pass a law ensuring someone keep infront their own yards clean. We have no personal or nation pride. Hence why the sides of the roads are soo filthy. Its always left up to someone else to do our dirty work.

    • And we like to say how we love this country so. But when it really comes to it we prefer to live in the shit than to clean it up. And the problem I have is that they produce the filthiness themselves. Or if you live downstream from a person that has their waste water pipe running into the road they will not come and clean it they don not care about you down below. That is why this law will not be possible to implement at all. People would rather go to court to make their case why they should not clean when others are responsible for making the mess.

  5. The Laws should not stipulate gutters alone, it should be grass too. Some people in Antigua and Barbuda, need to take some pride in themselves. You go aound the country and there are some houses, fenced the yards are clean with or without flowers or fruit trees but outside of the fence the gr s high and thick. Who these residents expect to clean outside of the fence and the Government!. Let us take some civic pride. They bought or rent the land clean it. The Governmant should give a warning if the grass around your house (yard and fence) is higher than a stipulated height and if refused to cut it fine the occupant(s). Cleanliness is next to Godliness.

  6. On the road that leads to the junction where you can turn left to come down to cedar valley or right to go into new winthropes there is a big upstairs and downstairs house on the left side that has a waste pipe where the water leads into the road and runs for a few hundred feet. The authorities need to look into that.

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