Homeowner intends to rebuild pool removed by DCA


(Antigua News Room) A homeowner said he intends to rebuild what authorities said was an illegal infinity plunge pool in Maroma Bay.


The Nelson’s Dockyard National Park collaborated with the Development Control Authority (DCA) to destroy the structure on August 5.


National Park said the structure “did not benefit from the requisite approval as required by the National Parks Act of 1985, Section 5 and the NPA Regulations of 2012. “


“Part of the foundation of the pool was constructed in the water and had it gone ahead would have resulted in significant changes to the coastal dynamics of the area”, they added.


But the homeowner, Roger Rosenfeld told state media he believed he had a right to build the structure bordering his property.


“I didn’t think I needed any permission and I’ll tell you why because I also found in the code that the purpose of the Development Control Authority in Antigua was stated as to control the development of land and I took the position when I read that, that I wasn’t developing land. I was building a facility bordering the land and the sea at the high watermark”, Rosenfeld said.


The structure reportedly served to prevent further erosion to his property from the sea, restrict Sargassum seaweed from gathering near the land and for Rosenfeld to soak his lower body three times a day.


The man has reportedly submitted a request to DCA for permission to rebuild the structure, which reportedly cost him $60,000 to construct the first time.


“I am going to have the same need I had before I built it. It did not go away with their destruction on my property and I’m fully determined to rebuild what I was given the opportunity to see work for two weeks”, Rosenfeld said.




  1. Mr Rosenfeld, more of the same will only yield more the same. A word to the wise, they say. is sufficient.

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  3. Is this guy a born Antiguan? Looks like he might need a little jail time. The beach belong to everybody, not just him. Papa said so. All born Antiguans know thaqt.

  4. Mr. Homeowner you are not on solid ground (to use that term since we are talking about land), so I hope you rethink your position about rebuilding the pool. The land bordering the coastline is referred to as littoral land and it is treated no differently to the land your house is built on. If you rebuild your plunge pool the result could be the same.

  5. You got 60k to spend pon pool and it bruck down, and you til got money to build um back ? Tell he me can build the pool for he, juss need 30k as a down payment

  6. Perhaps we need to look closely to the Yida project. Google Earth is an excellent way to do this; right from where you sit now!!

  7. Bad bull in a pen. He will lose on 2 accounts: the foundation is on earth ( land) and the structure affects land.
    He may as well seek guidance to see if anything might be acceptable but he sounds like he wants to be wrong and strong.

  8. He’s probably not a born Antiguan.. listen to me .. we have bigger fish to fry…. THE COUNTRY NEED RUNNING WATER … this man obviously don’t have water problems because he can fill a pool… and local Antiguans don’t have water to take a shower to go to work..

    If he have 60 000 which is more than the average Antiguan make in a year … plus he have another 60,000 again on a luxury pool …. then this sounds like “Rich People Problems” to me.

    We don’t have time with that! WE NEED RUNNING WATER. Let him fight his own battles.

    120,000 can build a house for a family of 4. His problems are above my pay grade however I need water and constant electricity!

    • The rich have no sympathy in this country. Obey the rules or 1735 gonna call. Find out who this guy really is!

  9. The spoiled brat seems to think that he a de “Original Dan Dadda”
    Maybe he enjoys seeing what he built destroyed over and over again. Must be truly bored. Try working with PAAWS to help stray dogs or buy some wool and learn to knit and crochet.

  10. Not thinking in the first instance was your Achilles heel.Now you are going back to DCA. Seeking permission to rebuild that which was destroyed.The money that you have wasted $60,000.Could have gone to do something to help others.I am fully aware that it is your money.It was a total waste.That should be the same results again.If the DCA were to give you permission to rebuild that pool.Same designed,same spot,they should all be fired.No excuses,no exceptions.

  11. This Rosenfeld character needs to be told straight up the simple facts. Don’t encourage ignorance by side stepping the issue because you have a political axe to grind. Don’t know where this involves science or race, but Mr. Rosenfeld, if you repeat your arrogant act, deliberately this time, not ignorantly, you will suffer a similar fate. You may think reading the various responses to issues selected by ANR, that there are so many HATERS of this government that you will have a huge, rabid, ready-made army to fight on your behalf on this issue. Think again. You are wrong. There are far more loyal, decent, intelligent Antiguans who will prove you wrong. Find better ways to spend your pocket change.

  12. This fellow would do well to use the sea for his 3 times-per-week soak and use his plenty money to do something that will benefit this country, rather than trying to bring changes to the coastal landscape of the area. Sound lakka he a do um fuh spite. A mussa wan likkle Yida he be.

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