Hispanic Woman Who Allegedly Assaulted A Nurse At Hawksbill To Be Charged

'Spanish Girl' In Black Top

Police confirmed on Monday that a Hispanic woman in quarantine is facing assault charges for treatment of a healthcare worker.

The woman will be charged with assault and battery for pushing a female nurse who was doing her job.

According to reports the Hispanic woman also used insulting words towards the nurse.
Head of the Nurses Association Soraya Winston condemned the action taken by the said individual .
“We expect full charges ….attack on our members must be condemned.”
 Police say they are investigating the incident. The woman is already facing deportation over the same incident when her period in quarantine ends.


  1. Hi time to send a strong message to our “guests”. This start needs to be both consistent and non-selective – applied to all offenders irrespective of color, ethnicity, country of origin, social status.

  2. *I am so happy that our Antigua prosecutor is going to file charges against this lady. The illegals from Jamaica and D.R. continue to ruin the quality of life of our island-nation. It is time to send them a message.

    Dear Spanish Lady,

    Your apology letter the other day does nothing to alleviate the trouble you have caused our medical staff and our overall nation when it comes to public health. In Antigua, we value the rule of law. In Antigua, we use the British common law system and our final court of appeal is in the U.K., not in some banana factory in D.R.

    Now you will understand what it means to be held to account for your actions. You will certainly receive a fair and impartial trial in Antigua, because we have a sound British common law system and independent judiciary. That said, you should have simply obeyed the law instead of behaving like a Jamaican.

    Good luck in the Courts and your future trial!


    Antigua and Barbuda Citizen

    PS: Thank you Antigua police for doing a good job and thank you to Antigua media for reporting this incident.

  3. The only right thing to do is deport this person for life. She put everyone at risk and people with nasty attitudes like hers should never be welcomed here


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