His Majesty’s Prison should be declared unfit to house even animals, lawyer says


Source- Real News Antigua: Attorney-at-law Leon Chaku Symister says that His Majesty’s Prison should be condemned and a new penal facility built.

Symister bases his comments on the dilapidated and deplorable conditions that have existed at the country’s penal facility for decades.

Instead of getting better, the conditions seem to be worsening – even as the Government makes small fixes at the facility, which, Symister says, is not the answer.
He says the construction of a new prison, as promised by Attorney- General Steadroy “Cutie ” Benjamin, is long overdue.

Symister says that no human being should be subjected to the conditions at the prison, which, in his opinion, should be declared unfit to house even animals.

And, he declares, if the prison is not good enough to house a British sex offender, then it should not be utilized to house anyone else .

Before it lost office following its second term, Symister says, the United Progressive Party already had a blueprint for a new prison, recognizing the inhumane conditions of the current facility.

Financing was being sought, he says; but, unfortunately, the Party
lost the 2014 election.

Inmates at His Majesty’s Prison, in this modern day, are still using pails for their bodily waste, which is then emptied into pit latrines on the compound.

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  1. How will we pay for this new luxury prison? I suppose a further 20% increase in ABST? Our people will love that, I am sure.

  2. Regrettably, many “animals” are already there. Only a few are housed there on remand who might not be guilty, or relegated there for misdemeanors. We will have to find the finances to construct a new hotel for them. It’s another social program as it does not yield any financial benefits for the country. Maintenance of that facility is a crucial expense on the tax payers.
    We will get it together eventually.

    • @Dave Ray…there’s no doubt, that such thoughts regarding, the incarceration, of HUEmans in Antigua, Barbuda & REDONDA, in such deplorable conditions, and even referred to as “animals!” Just so you know, with certainty and surety, you @Dave Ray is an ANIMAL too, simply classified, as HUEmans(humans), in this dispensation, and even #baboon, #porch_monkey, #monkey! Well, maybe not you personally, but check out some of the current comments about those of darker hues, especially, those of the purported upper echelon, who have committed criminal acts. Take the professional athletes, the Hollywood Chidlin Circuit, the mega churches gangsters. They too are criminals, monsters, animals even, if convicted in Antigua, Barbuda and REDONDA, would the SHITSTEM house them at 1735 ANIMAL FARM? FUCK NO! And, there are two(2) examples starring you in your face.
      The BRITISH RAPIST and the CHINESE ARSONIST(now released Alex Feng, who is seeking political asylum based upon the argument, that his Chinese employers, were allegedly, keeping him in Indentured Servitude(SLAVERY).
      I, pause here and ask you this question, if the Asylum is granted, based upon his legal team argument(s), will his former employers, be brought up on any criminal charges? Slavery is illegal and inhumane, animalistic even, by the actions, of the perpetrators!

      Now, let’s glide forward to the “local criminals” those #ANIMALS, as you referred.
      Why those being on remand, the area of the ‘law’ where one is innocent, until proven guilty are being subjected to this type of abuse at times for years, and then found not guilty?

      The penal system is in need of repairs, to its core principles. And, if your comment is a reflection, of policy making going forward for our Nation, one can definitely understand why Crime is on the rise, and I’ll put money on this statement; it’s gonna get worst, but the facilities will be made more humane because, those crooks(embezzlers to pedophiles to extortionist to fraudsters to TRAITORS will be sentenced to be incarcerated behind those walls.

      By the way, DOCTOR Dr, Dave Ray, PhD, BKB, DS, why did you drop the DOCTOR from your title?
      I hope it wasn’t because of some #typographical error on behalf, of the accredited institutions. Or, even some act of misrepresentation, which by the way is a crime committed by many in your circle of hobnobbing!

      Jumbee_Picknee aka Ras Smood
      De’ole Dutty Peg🦶🏿Garrat_Bastard

      Vere C. Edwards

      • @Ras.
        Commonsense is not in Dave Ray’s pedigree, so you spitting all this logic at this educated fool, just flew straight over his overly massive, egotistical cranium.

        The only thing this man is a Dr of, is a Dr of propaganda, because this “fork tongue” lying spin artist, take a cue straight from his master himself, the Great Gatson Browne, the master spin artist himself.

        Him too might spend some time at 1735 if he doesn’t run and hide in the Chinese mountains.

        I don’t know who this “Dave Ray” is, but from his post on here, he speaks as a fool.

        • @Islanman26…ah wah u ah say?!
          Nuff rain a fall now! Nuff fruits and vegs, a grow nice!

          Anyways, as to @Dave Ray, I’ve never met this individual personally, had some phone conversations and possibly email correspondence, in 2014, while I was establishing a Holistic Center, in Antigua; and, the then personnel at the A,B&R Embassy in DC, informed me, that he was the contact person for Antiguans and Barbudans in the diaspora who were interested in investing in the Nation. His demeanour then, as far as, I’m concerned was cocky with an air of anger. But hey, I figured, that since he was a Dr. Dave Ray, in such an important position, he was stressed and swamped. To be honest, I was not impressed; so, as I keep seeing this Dave Ray postings and reading others commenting on his post(s), and some even accused him of being a Fake Evangelist Doctor, I guess my initial vibe about his “sense of purpose,” for our Nation was one sided and hypocritical.
          I can truly understand why he gives the impression, that he’s Maria “pixie_head” Browne-Bird manager of some sorts, and a Gaston Browne #Stoolie!

          Life goes on @Islandman26; and, as it pertains to the penal system the incarceration of individuals, regardless, of whatever crime(s), they commit should all face the same system from investigation to verdict; but, as we know Lady Justice is blind with an unbalanced scale.
          Many of us, still have to fight for Equal Rights and Justice.
          This cause is still very much needed, even more so now, in Communities such as the Rastafarian and others which were intentionally targeted, as mines where HUEmans can mined, minted and sold, by the Judiciary.
          I would like to see Our laws reformed, as they pertain to Drugs, from growing to manufacturing to importation and distribution. Example is the law(s) and policies which governs the Hemp Industry.
          These laws are responsible for a percentage of the nonviolent offenders.
          The other area which needs serious overhaul, is the importation and distribution of other drugs. This area also contributes to other crimes, such as robberies, gun violence etc.

          Crimes and HUEmanity are synonymous. Curtailing and managing crimes will always be with us. Therefore, if we lose sight and purpose, we will end up sinking deeper and deeper into decay, as a rudderless ship which ran aground, and over the years, nature slowly destroys it from stem to stern.

          Jumbee_Picknee aka Ras Smood
          De’ole Dutty Peg🦶🏿Garrat_Bastard

          Vere C. Edwards

      • I will not dignify every part of your response. Only the sections related to the reason for worsening crimes and the housing of foreign criminals:
        Crime comes with development in any country. There will always be the “haves and the haves-not”. This is reason that first world countries are also riddled with crime in a minute-by-minute basis. Antigua is no different. What amazes me is that each of you knows who everything ought to be done without any experience in running anything but your mobile devices. You can only use aliases to identify yourself. They speaks volumes of your characters. You too might be the “animals” of which I speak.
        If you knew anything about negotiations, you would know that skilled attorneys have to the capacity to request the conditions of sentencing on behalf of their first world clients. They did serve their time, didn’t they?
        Many of you will be angry for many years as your comments will continue to be posted without merit.
        Carry on…

    • In 1735,Humans would go in and come out as animals.I would like to see a Politician going there in cuffs and ankle chains walking all of the way,from the Court House.

  3. Truly that is inhumane but also criminals should seek a better life and honest life. It’s time society love in peace and harmony, we need to get back to being our brothers keeper.

    Turn your lives to Jesus and the answer is there.

  4. @ truth seeker, so what do u recommend? The prisoners remain in that situation? The time u take to write negativity, why don’t you come up with a solution? Ofcourse, the big question is that if u can……

  5. @ truth seeker, so what do u recommend? The prisoners remain in that situation? The time u take to write negativity, why don’t you come up with a solution? Ofcourse, the big question is that if u can..

    • So then, what’s your solution? Is it that you are only here to criticize other people’s comments? Let’s hear yours. If it were that simple, it would have already been done.

      • @Dave Ray…you have not offered up, any sensible solution(s) which requires in-depth, critical analysis with redefined matrices to alleviate some of the concerns, at the prison.
        You can #cog or plagiarise these few…
        A…those who have being charged with any crime(s), and are not violent offenders nor flight risks[many drug offences fall in this category], once bail is set and is granted, use electronic monitoring systems to keep them in the system while they’re housed at home. It eliminates feeding them plus lodging.

        B…Legalise ALL DRUGS[they already are in the hands of the Medical Professionals and are distributed through them].
        Fines and penalties will still be applicable.
        Example if someone is caught importing any amount of drugs and is caught, it’s obvious, that there’s a market for the drugs, so, let them sell it and at least 80 of the value MUST be paid into the treasury, otherwise, incarceration with DRACONIAN PENALTIES.
        This one will boggle many minds, but lest you or anyone forget, alcohol which is still a drug had to go through this process.

        C…House non-violent offenders who cannot make their bail at the local police facilities. Of course, this will require much better management and maintenance, of the prescints/local stations.

        There are solutions; but, but one has to wade through the maze of ignorance which seems to remain blissful in some people #thought process.

        Jumbee_Picknee aka Ras Smood
        De’ole Dutty Peg🦶🏿Garrat Bastard

        Vere C. Edwards

        • I have none to offer. The running of a prison is not my specialty. But since you’re a specialist in that field, why don’t you offer your services to the Cabinet? They would be able to accommodate you more appropriately. You guys seem to the answers to every subject matter, from the sidelines only.
          Many of you don’t even vote.

          • @Dave “Dr. Brushee” Ray…😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆#Papi, kum blow de conch shell🐚fe he!
            ‘Cause, “wen dem no kno, dem jus no kno!” King Bowlface should be KNIGHTED for such a profound statement.

            I certainly do not solicit nor require you to dignify me in anyway. My spirit have and would continue to reject such from the likes of you.
            The Essence of Nature’s Ether does this each and every moment in my life.
            As for presenting any ideas to the crooks #WHO’RE Members of the Cabinet, wisdom dictates, that “once bitten, twice shy.”
            CTV was established by Vere Bird Jnr, Michael S. and a Jew, but was not their original idea nor concept! Dr. Perry was bulldozed out of the way by the the ALP Government.

            Gaston’s Farm was established after he recognized where many of Us who staunchly supports local Agriculture and Aquaculture developments were coming from.

            The #crooks in the CABINET only hear what you have to present. They then cog and marginalise those who are genuinely interested, in moving Our Nation forward for ALL, not just a few #ass_kissers, #turncoats and #yellowbellies.

            Again, I would not want you to dignify anything about me! #Mami_Wata and #Papa_Legba wouldn’t even let you scent reach my nostrils.

            Jumbee_Picknee aka Ras Smood
            De’ole Dutty Peg🦶🏿Garrat_Bastard

            Vere C. Edwards

  6. Apparently the criminals do not agree with you seeing how they are trying to get in with every burglary and other such crimes on the rise!🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔

  7. So then, what’s your solution? Is it that you are only here to criticize other people’s comments? Let’s hear yours. If it were that simple, it would have already been done.

  8. Some of the ablp ministers need to be there for the amount of misconduct in office plus robbery…Antiguans only talk but no action and they do have solid points to take government out of office..We’re cowards as my father would say,time for an up rising in dadli

  9. Remember what happens to people that is found in violation of human rights always end up in a luxurious prison forever and when that day come even a luxurious prison will become like hell

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