High Ticket Prices Delay Repatriation Of Jamaicans In Antigua (VIDEO)


A Jamaican national who visited Antigua & Barbuda before the COVID-19 pandemic says himself and several of his compatriots want to return home.

However, he explained that the ticket prices are exorbitant and out the means of many people who want to go home.

The gentlemen who chose to remain anonymous said Tuesday’s repatriation flight on Caribbean Airlines cost some individuals close to US$ 1000.

He said hundreds of people showed up at the airport but only a percentage of them had the full fare for the flight. The Jamaican man explained that even people who already have a return ticket are being asked to pay additional monies because of the charter arrangement.

Because of this, many Jamaicans have remained in Antigua and some of them have over stayed their welcome at their hosts.

As for himself, the man said he is to be married in Jamaica today but the wedding had to be postponed. Another woman he said is to undergo heart surgery but cannot get home.

They want Caribbean Airlines or another airline to offer them an affordable way to get home to their families.




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  2. Sensible: Do not hit them.After all they want to go to their home,Jamaica.Just as the Antiguans in Cuba want to come to their home,Antigua.Nutten wrang with dat.

  3. @Sensible, you are extremely stupid with your comment and lack humanity. The people are stranded and want to go home they are not begging you anything! If they wanted to stay they wouldn’t huddle up at airport. How many Antiguans were stranded in the States during COVID-19? The only yardie monster is you. I hope they will get the help to go home.

  4. I totally agree, the jamaican government should do something about this. I hope Jamaica wants them back, cause I doubt Antigua will overextend to help. Use social Media so your motherland can hear your cry.

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  10. The former government sold out the airline [email protected] and this is what Jamaica gets. I would never travel on Caribbean airline because they are racist, those people from Trinidad dose not like Jamaican. If any of you reader can remember back in April when the virus started Jamaica government ask Caribbean airline to bring some Jamaican home from Barbados and they refuse from doing so.it Jamaica government need to get back their own airline so that they can put Trinidad out of business.

  11. My heart bleeds for my people. ..Please Jamaica STAND UP and do the right thing. Be an example for the rest of the World and BRING your people home.

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  14. Sooooo a heart surgery is less important than the additional cost of an airline ticket? And it must be at another Jamaican family home him over stay his welcome.

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