High-speed chase ends when suspects’ vehicle stalls


The Police are looking for a man who is believed to have committed a crime and who escaped being taken into custody last Friday, November 26.

REAL News has received reports of a high-speed chase that took place on Friday at about 5 p.m.  The pursuit reportedly ended on lower All Saints Road in the vicinity of the old Camacho’s Gas Station.

An eyewitness tells our News Department that the vehicle being chased by the Police appeared to have stalled at that location.

At that point, the three occupants reportedly alighted the vehicle, and the pursuing officers – all dressed in black –were able to apprehend two of the suspects.

The third man escaped on foot and remains at large.

Police Public Relations Officer Inspector Frankie Thomas confirms that the vehicle was being pursued on suspicion of the occupants having committed a crime.

While they were trying to evade the Police, the suspects’ car hit several other vehicles that were parked on Edward Street, Thomas says.  He says it was the driver who fled from the scene, and the vehicle was subsequently impounded.

Thomas says that follow-up investigations are to be completed once that suspect is detained, and a final determination of the offences he has committed will be made.

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  1. I was blinded and made deaf by tear gas and rubber bullets.

    I didn’t see a thing. I didn’t hear a thing.


    • One day the same thieves will come calling. I hope they will be able to restore your senses. I think they will add a little bonus also, some common sense! I am sorry the tear gas destroyed your senses but when the criminals hit home, they surely would restore them. Good luck.

    • Of course you won’t! Why? You are the very person supporting these criminals. How can you drive when your criminal activities barely support your existence. But thief never love to see thief with long bag!!!

    • I’m so disappointed in the way one that I had some respect for is acting so silly . It’s really a shame

  2. Phuck the Pigs! Me deaf dumb and blind! Matter fact is Police doing all the crime and finding poor retired criminals as scape goats. TYPICAL PIGS. I HOPE THEY ROAST YALL RASS FOR CHRISTMAS. 😂😂😂

    • @PIGGY. The owner of XPZ has already forgiven Mr. Weekes for the alleged money teefing. What is your gripe boss???? Hope if someone violates you/your property that you wont make a report with the police.

  3. The police get no respect. Lmao. pSad. Maybe they should do their jobs correctly. A lazy and chupid lot. They be the biggest criminals, no wah. Much love to the Firefighters of our beloved Nation.

  4. I can understand the perspective of not wanting to communicate with the Police because of their mistreatment of citizens in the pursuit of justice. I had my place broken into several times and nearly no effort was made to find my property, They never even spoke to the person the claimed they suspected. That being said, we don’t live in a vacuum and all police aren’t bad, so instead of working against them and letting criminals run rampant and eventually break into your home and kill when they get caught, as is the mentality now, act like what happens in the country affects all of us. No one has any right robbing anyone in the first place. As much as the Police do wrong all the time, we have to look at the bigger picture here.

  5. Lol. So all the cars they hit will go for nothing because people refuse to assist with the investigation. Well done. So the criminals know people are refusing to help the police. They will get bolder. What will you do when you are a victim??

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