High number of electors have been transferring their registration into the Constituency of St. Peter’s, cabinet reports


Cabinet Notes:

Cabinet members have been informed by scrutineers that an unusually high number of electors have been transferring their registration into the Constituency of St. Peter’s.

The Cabinet will launch an investigation, and the candidate will prosecute “claims and objections” of those who have untruthfully and unlawfully transferred their registration to that constituency while remaining resident in another.

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  1. While you investigating. Investigate the BIG WOMAN that live in St. Peter and love to VOTE in St.John’s City West. She no “Lub ASOT.”

    While your at it. Investigate all the DIASPORA that are registered in St. John’s Rural North and East dat no lib in a Antigua.

    Pure FACTS!!!!

  2. It’s OK when we do it but when others do it we don’t like it, we need to stay in power as long as possible.

  3. All types of corruption have been taking place in our election and by candidates of both ALP and UPP. I am not going to call names but give hints. Two of the biggest culprits are in the ALP and now at war. Now they are at war they will eventually tell us what they are accustomed to do . There are two on the UPP side also , one the pole bus and the other the sister that ran against Chokolingo. Then there was a big UPP donor that switch from ALP . Talking about the car dealer that gave Squal from Pares thousands of dollars to pay people and hold on to their vote ID. Squal bad deal him and kept the money.
    Of course the biggest and most blatant culprit is MP .Fort James. Independent this time he is going to let go free handed. This guy walk into people house and just throw thousands of dollars on their table. I heard this give away candidate is paying people from the constituency that he represents that are not registered thousands of dollars to go and get registered. The probable reason for the increase in registrations. Our populous are so uneducated in political matters that you will hear people say things like I registered to vote for X candidate or why candidate. Normally that is the candidate that encouraged them to get registered, be it by Financal rewards or just verbal encouragement. We need to educate our people about these issues. The electoral commission need to do some programs about the does and don’t.

  4. Why is this a Cabinet matter and not a party matter? Any party has the righ to challenge during claims and obligations but I fail to see how this becomes a governmental matter.

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