High Court issues injunction on PLH to stop all works at Palmetto Point

Walker addresses PHL Official (August 2020 file photo)

The High Court of Justice has issued an injunction on the Peace Love and Happiness (PLH) to stop all works at Palmetto Point, Barbuda.

The High Court injunction is forcing work at Palmetto Point to be halted until the court reconvenes again on October 13.

The action was brought by the Barbuda Council.

Environmental activists says the Peace Love and Happiness (PLH) project is being allowed to destroy the ecology of Barbuda.

The PLH investors are building an exclusive community of 300-plus luxury homes and constructing a golf course at Palmetto Point in the vicinity of the Codrington Lagoon.
In an August 31 letter to Frederick Southwell, the Chief Town & Country Planner, the Department of the Environment (DOE) says that work undertaken since “July 16 was not subjected to any environmental and scientific review, guidance or monitoring.”

More to come.

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  1. Way to go Trevor Walker!!!! A goal scored for your grand plan to break away and develop Barbuda on your own.

    • You sound dumb! It’s a goal scored toward saving the environment and lives. Have you ever been there and look for yourself?!

      • Agree with you. Golf courses need a lot of fertilizer to stay green. Where do you think the toxic runoff will go? In the see and kill all the marine life.
        300 hundred homes? By the time these people bring their families they will outnumber the Barbudans.

      • Barbudans are dependent on Antigua. I’m not sure why they can’t see that. If they become independent they will suffer. They have no airport, no funding for such. No hotels, no funding for such. No big supermarkets. Businesses. Nothing. Barbudans should learn to give up to gain. Atleast try to get power and autonomy then react how they are now because frankly they ain’t got nothing.

        • Let Gaston continue to build homes for non black people in Barbuda. With sufficient numbers they may just vote to secede from Antigua and take over Barbuda. You know they would win their case in a white court.
          What a bunch of short sided fools our leaders are.

  2. A Trevor Walker one live in Barbuda? The PLH project At the palmetto point area destroying OUR environment. We have the right to speak out and express our concerns.

  3. The song writes “When they have power & authority they don’t give a damn about anybody…..” The Wiliy lynching days are over…… It is full time for you the Barbudans to wake up. The power lies within you the people and not in Trevor Walker & the members of the Barbuda Council who are keeping you, the Barbudan people in slavery just for their personal gain…. Barbudans, you are now living in the 21st century…. It is full time to liberate your minds and begin to create a bright future for yourself and for your future generation.

    • How are they going to have a bright future with the Antiguan government building 300 homes for foreigners and attempting to sell off their lands?

  4. How did it get to this point in the first place ? I take it they didn’t jus pull up and start building ? Maybe that is what was in the BROWN ENVELOPE MISSA WALKER

  5. I applaud any dog, cat, land turtle, goat, deer, fish, fowl or frigate bird who effectively halts any deliberate destruction of Barbuda’s ecology and environment. These creatures, at least, stand the most to lose from any deliberate, wanton destruction of their natural habitat.
    PLH must respect the laws of the twin-island state with regards to DCA and the Ministry of the Environment. PLH must NOT be allowed to exercise their inherent arrogance on the people of this twin-island State, Antigua and Barbuda. They, PLH, were given permission to undertake certain developments in OUR Twin-island state, Antigua and Barbuda and must NOT be allowed to ignore OUR experts and do whatsoever they please.
    We are not a nation rabid, racist noisemakers. We are a nation of law-abiding citizens pursuing developmental goals for our twin-island state and we in Antigua and Barbuda will not allow PLH to disrespect our rules and rulings. Take warning.

  6. Anon the 1st it is the first time that I can say that I am in complete agreement with you. In Tortola a similar project was stopped by the Court in 2009 because of the environmental degradation it would cause. The PLH project in the environmentally sensitive Palmetto Point area is not only causing environmental degradation, but it is being undertaken in a RAMSAR Convention ptotected area. This is a breach of the RAMSAR Convention of 1971 of which Antigua and Barbuda is a signatory. In short Antigua and Barbuda is in breach of the Convention. We are law breakers.

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