High Court Denies Bail To Two Soldiers Charged With Murdering Bruce Greenaway


Justice Iain Morley, today, denied bail to two of the people charged with the murder of Bruce “Jungle” Greenaway.

Twenty-year-old Armal Warner and Aliyah Martin, also 20, were seeking to be released from Her Majesty’s Prison on bail.

Justice Morley posited that the duo might abscond from the jurisdiction before their matter is committed for trial in the High Court. He also felt that the two soldiers might be inclined to commit further offences if allowed bail, and fears they might interfere with witnesses.

However, the judge advised defence counsel that he was at liberty to reapply after the committal proceedings on September 23.

Martin and Warner are jointly charged with 25 year-old Shakiel Thomas, a fellow officer of the Defence Force, and Jason Modeste, 44, a policeman.

Modeste and Thomas are yet to make bail applications, but it is likely they will face a similar fate if they appear before the same judge.

The quartet appeared before the All Saints Magistrate’s Court on Monday June 8 and were remanded for the capital offence.

The accused were arrested and charged by the police on June 6, following intense investigations and recommendations from the Director of Public Prosecutions (DPP).

Allegedly, Greenaway died as a result of strangulation, and family reports say he had been severely beaten.



  1. Why is bail even an option for such a heinous crime.
    Some of them are not Antiguans and have ties to other countries and may flee.
    Bail shouldn’t even be an option for such charges. They are law enforcement and pose a threat to society. NO BAIL! KEEP THEM LOCKED UP!

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