Here’s what you need to know as you plan for the next 21 days

Police Commissioner Atlee Rodney

The following now apply over the next 21 days, commencing Friday 29th January 2021 until Friday, February 19, 2021:

I. Curfew hours commence at 8:00 pm on 29 January 2021, until 5:00 am daily thereafter, or until Friday, February 19, when it may return to a later hour each night.

II. All bars are closed commencing Friday night, January 29, 2021, at 8:00 pm, until Friday, February 19, when they may be allowed to re-open.

III. Restaurants may serve take-out only commencing Friday night, up until 8:00 pm, on January 29, 2021, and close each night thereafter at 8:00 pm, until February 19, 2021.

IV. Churches can continue to hold regular services under the conditions agreed-to with the Chief Health Inspector.

V. Funerals may have only 25 mourners, in the church and at the cemetery. No wakes or after-funeral gatherings are allowed. No selling of beverages on the outside of the cemetery; no clustering is allowed. Official funerals are treated as a regular church service; social distancing is to be enforced at the cemetery afterwards among mourners.

VI. Weddings are also limited to 25 persons, and there are to be no receptions following the wedding ceremony.

VII. All recreational football and recreational basketball are to be discontinued immediately, until February 19, 2021.

VIII. The Super 50 Cricket Games, scheduled over the next several weeks, will not be allowed to have spectators.

IX. Enforcement of the Protocols will be enforced more stringently.

X. The pilot project, testing the tracking bracelet, is completed; consequently, arriving passengers placed in the quarantine centers may be required to wear them. Those allowed to stay in their homes shall have the bracelets deployed on their arms.

XI. Passengers who knowingly rely on false declarations of Covid-19 certificates will be fined and/or confined.

The Ministers and officials will expand on these expanded rules, intended to contain the community spread which other Caribbean countries have experienced.

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  1. There are #Bars which serve food, and liquor, play music just like #Restsurants serve food, and liquor(to go), play music, there are Supermarkets which serve food and liquor(to go), play music, therefore why single out the #Bars to be closed for the entire duration of the new protocols?
    Another common sense issue, in particular as it relates to the restaurants and takeout(s), closing at the same time(8:00pm), and the curfew beginning at the same time(8:00pm), needs to be adjusted to give the restaurant’s time to clean up, close out and employees time to get home.
    Yes, they can start the process of cleaning up before the curfew begins, but customers who live within minutes of the establishment, Antigua is but so big, again an extra hour to make money can mean employment for several other people.
    1…The Curfew should begin an hour after businesses close!
    2…Bars should be allowed to be open just like any other business.


    • You reasoning is soo ignorant and I hope it is not that of the wider majority of people. Isnt it the commonsense of the proprietors to know what time they should close in order to clean up etc given the time constraint. You expect business to open until 8….boy you people can be really silly with your reasoning.

      • “Ras Smood” doesn’t live in Antigua so you may have to excuse his pontificating as he types from ex-Trump country.

        • @Truth Be Told…”pontificating!”
          … I 👀👀, the seas
          …rising and riding,
          …its Ebbs! Those Flows
          …to heights, which few will grasp or No?
          …yet, still have to rise
          …with the elevation’s, of the horizon!
          …to sow! To grow! To know!

          …pontificating! …Hmmmmnnn!
          …does your crystal ball
          …😏😁😀see, a #Pulpit too?
          Now, that’s a #Money, #MoMoney, #OnlyMoney making kinda word.

    • I agree.

      One thing. Is your period key stuck on your computer? Never seen so many commas in my life….

      • @Randal Evanston…
        …r U a fire shats, to rass attah me!
        …lard gad, please hab sum mercy!
        …pan dis, #Laddie
        …him no overstand,
        …dat, a S.S.S. mek me!
        …Not scientology!
        …but, the psychology
        …of, #Science!
        …those #Seances!
        …Dancing to the rhythm and the #Signs
        …through life’s realms and portal
        …of being, normal.
        …Since, No where #Bodily
        .. ’tis, everywhere #Spiritually!

        In other words, I do not communicate in a language, I communicate through the #Sciences.
        Would you like to #Meet The parents of those #commas?


      That one correct thing is ‘…Curfew begins after business closed.’


      Let’s see how it can be reasoned.

      Now if ‘Curfew’ starts at 8pm, the darn businesses cannot be closed at 8pm.

      Police would nab both; (a) ‘…Business operators; and (b) …Patrons for breaching the Regulations.’

      WHAT TO DO:

      (i) ‘…They shall start preparations for closure at least by 7pm;
      (ii) …Patrons shall have their fill by 7.30pm; and
      (iii)…Start hitting the road before 8pm.

      Anyone ‘…Playing Stupid,’ they shall know that they will not be sleeping at home, neither;

      (a) ‘…Friday Night;.
      (b) …Saturday Night; nor
      (c) …Sunday Night.’

      WHAT NEXT?: ‘…Monday morning, carted off to face ‘…Chief Magistrate Joanne Walsh.’

      If all the money had been spent on food and drinks, then expect to spend the rest of the day at another place.

      If you are lucky, you might just be given some time to pay the imposed Fine.

      If you behave cheekily, then as what happened to a Defendant this very week, might just get a night in the ‘…City Pen.’


      The fact that the authorities have tightened up on the ‘Curfew,’ know that the Regulations will be enforced with degree of rigidity.

      Keep away from Police. Keep out of the ‘…City Pen.’

      • @Rawlston Pompey…😀😁😀😀!
        Money! Money!! Money!!!
        #MoMoney! #OnlyMoney!

        The most recent member, of the Coronavirus Family, COVID-19 could careless about…
        A…Time of day to roam about.
        B…Places to visit.
        C…Who to infect.

        The #Curfew is being used, as a controlling method which of course can be tweaked, not #Twerk, to make money for a struggling economy.

        This #Virus is here to stay! Learn to live with it. Period!

  2. The minister of health made it clear that provision should be made by these businesses to get people home before 8pm.
    I believe that was an error made in this article.

    • @Geeman…👉😀😁will the #TimeMachines be set on warp speed, traveling in a counter clockwise or clockwise direction?
      Then again, COVID-19 only travels horizontally or vertically.
      It can’t see in the dark, and need #Google Glasses!
      It can’t and won’t travel in circles, especially in those #HighEnd Circles with Mr. & Mrs. Coke protecting their circumference.

      • One wud not mekout hand from foot of what ur saying in the natural, but I perceive that you’re using some Esotheric language here.

        • @IVOR WORREL…these are #NaturalTimes to some, and they could careless how unnatural it is to others.
          Neither language nor speech are #senses! They’re simply methods of communicating.

          The #GodsRnotCrazee!

  3. Hammer and Sickle way of life to protect our nation ;)….Majority of the population are not medical doctors and brilliant politicians so what the hell do we know… Our report card not looking too good so more restrictions…If u wanna play big man/woman u will face The Belt/The Po Po/The Muscle…

  4. Plenty of people on the island only care about themselves especially the yachties and hoteliers. People who have false residency and do not contribute or help. People who sell themselves for bitcoin and Chinese investment. The island is under threat from Covid and people who care about riches.

    • My my my….where ignorance is bliss its so folly to be wise! The legislators imposing the laws and restrictions are myopic if not totally blind! They all lack vision, innovation, independence of thoughts and of course devoid of realistic medical knowledge.
      Many of the masses including these so called puppet governments are only dancing to the cacophonous sickening music of the super powers! The fallacious message is that covid 19 is going to destroy all of us if we do not adhere to certain imposed laws, observe certain protocols and of course be vaccinated. With what vaccine? Their just invented toxic and deleterious concoction disguised as a vaccine? An injection that has been investigated by sages and medical doctors globally who have decried the constitution of this pathogen! Yes! Its another synthetic venom to combat the patented corona strain that the monsters have knowingly unleashed on the global populace!! For what? Its about control and power people. Its for the enrichment of a selected group. Its an attempt to murder a lot of us ‘legally! I will not be contaminated by this gullibility and ignorance that have overtaken the world. Stupidity and cowardice are the real pandemic taking over the globe right now… covid 19 is existent because it is being allowed to exist! I personally can expound on the fact that many people i personally know in and outside of Antigua have had covid and never had to take 1 single drug! No vaccine. Just a simple collection of natural herbs and condiments and in a jiffy they were healed!
      Most importantly also, anyone using this same natural medicine will never succumb to or contract covid! But people are too susceptible to anything the big guns say, lies or not. Covid is a farce, the world leaders and global health organizations are a farce! Our governments are a farce! People struggling to survive. Many cannot buy food on a daily basis, cannot pay essential bills, because they are unemployed. No assistance or sensible social or economic relief for the suffering public, but you want to close down the country? Give me a break! Tell dem fi go and cum again!! The nation needs to rise up and protest these 1 sided , selfish and asinine decisions being made.! Yall aint realize we are being treated like animals….???. Huh!

      • @Black Pearl…Captain I stowed away on your Ark. You know how to navigate these dangerous COVID-19 waters.

  5. How about the South African Covid variant? Plenty of white ‘Afrikaans’ in Antigua on yachts? Flying in via the US as crew? Nobody gives a damn.

  6. The government should administer a quick covid test on every arriving passenger, if Doninica can afford to do it ,why can’t we the economic powerhouse ?,we are plastering a sore that is infected when we could have plastered the sore when it was fresh.port of entry should be our main target and focus

  7. Fear make people so stupid.
    The gvt just cannot nuke the tourist economy in Antigua. Death of tourism is unsurvivable for most Antiguans. The numbers of “tested cases” says nothing about the actually sick persons (let alone the death FROM covid and not only WITH covid). Please inform yourself about the real impact of this virus (for instance on the CDC website). Stop freaking out!

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