Here’s what Serpent has planned for St. George if he wins the seat


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  1. If wishes were horses, beggars would ride
    Nursery rhyme

    “If wishes were horses, beggars would ride” is a proverb and nursery rhyme, first recorded about 1628 in a collection of Scottish proverbs, which suggests if wishing could make things happen, then even the most destitute people would have everything they wanted.

  2. Nice try…We in St. George DO NOT want you. Dean Jonas is our REPRESENTATIVE and will continue for a LONG TIME. Serpent ..You are a COPY CAT. I know exactly where you copy this information. This is not original. DEAN JONAS all the way. Organize your life first SERPENT.

    • U na hab no shame ah talk bout Dean Jonas a representative?? You haffu lie bout u live ah St George because me can’t see YOU lib a St George and til a talk bout want Dean. DEAN USELESS!! If they put one suit pon one heap a dem bush wey ah take over Berlin and other places of St George me choose the heap ah bush over Dean all day every day. The man is a flaming idiot thinking his subtle demeanor and somewhat extended vocabulary is enough to put him back there. NOT HE. and me na no fly by night just come resident, I’ve been living there over 20yrs and de area WUSS than when me just move. No road, PLENTY BUSH (me na even know if me neighbor take up she house and move or bush nyam she how it’s overrun. And u hab nerve ah talk bout Dean. R u dey directly lub abuse jack. AH COULDA ONE FOWL A RUN GAINST DEAN ME A VOTE FOR THE FOWL. GASTON TIME ENOUGH U MOVE DEAN NA U AH ONE NEXT ONE A FORM RASS WITH HE.

  3. WOW…WOW…WOW. This is SERPENT trying something. We are waiting for Hon.Gaston Browne to announce the election date then you will see action. Serpent will throw the towel. The force will be too MUCH FOR Him to handle. ST.GEORGE is for DEAN JONAS and ABLP.

  4. ANR is this a STORY ? COME ON !!!!!!..Let Serpent publish this CRAP in the Observer Newspaper. !!!!!

  5. Wait …arm….3 things….did ANR leave out something
    Serpant cant be an MP….
    Yes worse people have been MPs but times have changed, Algernon is kinda full of himself and I think he will get worse. May the best man win, and may we get some sensible representation

  6. There is nothing on that list that cannot be achieve out of government.
    1 Liberta has a top class sports club…No politics involved

    2 Mr Lovell out of office has provided tutoring and mentor-ship for constituents for several years.

    3 The one stop shop is set up to assist job seekers. There are several employment agencies in operation.

    4 Neil Cochrane’s partners has provided several scholarships out of office.

    I knew something was wrong when he did not address the constituents when they were alert and listening for what he had to offer. These ideas are kindergarten rhetoric. Same old cliche, no imagination, no projection, no real commitment. Fled the scene can organize all those things if he puts his mind to it.

  7. ANR where is the other page?

    That cannot be it.

    How about
    1 24 hour fully staffed polyclinic.
    2 Light manufacturing
    3 Set up a theater for Arts, offer training and opportunity to display skills
    4 Set up construction company that can bid for government contracts.
    5 Small business Cooperative.
    6 Set up a volunteer program to service the community.

  8. I wasted my few minutes that I took to read the article. I don’t know why I thought there might be some substance there, but I wasn’t disappointed because I didn’t expect anything, I guess I was hoping that for once something might make sense. If that’s for real, the only thing that comes to mind is visionless, hopeless, clueless.

    • If you think you wasted your few minutes and Algernon is supposedly the UPP top candidate, then don’t bother to click on similar future articles that reference the ice-cream scooper, the excessive rum drinker, the gunman, the gender neutral feminist, the empty vessel, the sickly looking, the badminded banker, the little boy, the alleged church thief, the grammatically dead and void of reasoning, the pms school dropout, quasi-preacher,

      But feel free to click on any Richard Lewis article. He is the only real candidate on the UPP slate

      • LMAO🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 look nah kill me this good night!!!!! Murder mi belly🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣!!!!!!

      • Bad minded banker…that’s a new one for me. I thought that banker was only full of herself and pompous like ….

      • The alleged church thief….. is on the radio every day crying down the country … I was wondering if they realize is two dead men seat he is holding …. does that say something about his political career …. can somebody say Sabbath

  9. Is this the best the Serpant has to offer? This list is so shallow….. If Serpant has to wait until he gets elected to execute these SIMPLE programs certainly indicate that he is not an initiator, not creative neither, he does not he have a community at heart….. Serpant can only prove that he is worth his salt if can implement meaning programs now so that tangible changes are made within our community so that all constituents can benefit.

  10. These guys think going on radio and cussing people Knight and day is the same as governance.. They really have no idea how to manage a multj billion dollar economy through the cyclicality of business. Trading in gossip and melee doesn’t equate to good representation and leadership.. For decades you on the radio listening to the plight and issues that affect people and this is the best that you can come with…More than anybody else in the country Serpent should have much more because you get access to more story than wah John hear bout!!! PATHETIC!!!!!

  11. Copy and paste from “How To Be A Politician in Antigua”. Nothing new or original at all but I’m sure Mr Tabor will praise this like the second coming of Jesus Christ. All these politician on both side are full of s### and should be flushed down the toilet. Time for a fresh batch of politicians.

    • JB by no means is that list of things to do exhaustive. That is just a few items. Remember as well the constituency is quite large and the priority needs of Potters may not be the same needs for Pigotts or Barnes Hill. Please be patient the election is months away.

      • You just had to respond as expected and you did not fail to disappoint. Typical UPP supporter thatvwould see this empty list as promising.

        • He is more than a supporter..he is paid a retainership fee to counteract anti UPP comments whether constructive or otherwise. I am hearing he gets more fees being a retainer than his core law practice. Have him excused.

          • JUST SAYING how many times I have to tell you that the UPP do not pay its supporters to counter the rubbish that comes from the supporters of the ALP. We do it out of pure patriotism and wanting to see the best for our beloved country. The rampant corruption must stop and creative enrichment.

  12. Wow, that list took a lot of imagination !
    Were any brain waves left back to tell us of some new initiative or anything innovative?

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