Here Is A List Of Items Not Permitted In The Venue For The ICC T20 World Cup


Click on the Youtube Video Below to listen to the list of items or read them below:


Here’s a list of prohibited items for the official venues as mentioned in the legislative discussion:

  1. Animals (except service animals, such as guide dogs for visually impaired individuals)
  2. Bicycles
  3. Commercial video, photographic, or audio equipment
  4. Compressed gas canisters and other flammable items
  5. Dangerous items and weapons, including but not limited to:
  • Firearms
  • Explosives
  • Knives
  • Flares
  • Fireworks
  • Laser pointers
  1. Drones or unmanned aerial vehicles
  2. Glass bottles or metal cans
  3. Narcotics (other than those prescribed for medical use)
  4. Offensive or political signage
  5. Promotional or commercial material

These restrictions aim to ensure safety and a positive experience for all attendees at the event venues.






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  1. ” No offensive or political signage” what the hell does that mean?
    Political signage is the same of political speech, it’s all an expression of ones opinion, and here we are trying to suppress free speech.
    If this is not straight out of the Chinese playbook, then y’all tell me.

    Next they will tell you that you can’t put up religious signs or express your faith in public.

    I warned y’all that this Dumb ass Dictator y’all have ruling this country, would be the scourge of Antigua.

    This damn PM and his band of fools need to explain this, for real.

    Y’all better stand to hell up Antiguan’s, y’all better, because this dunce has lost his damn mind.. waw.

    • Were these rules set by Gaston Browne or were they set by the ICC?
      Is Antigua the only country hosting these matches?
      “Political sinage” does not automatically translate to ABLP and UPP.

      Some of us have Antigua stinking gutter politics so far up them arse and so love blame everything on Gaston Browne we come on the internet and make a jackarse of ourselves without doing a proper research.

      • At chupes. Are you that Dumb? Political speech is political speech fool, no matter what country or political party you reference in your speech. And who else set policies in Antigua, isn’t it the ruling party?
        You got to be the dumb person on the Internet.

        The real issue here, is that you cannot suppress free speech in a democratic society dummy.
        And what is considered offensive political speech?

        You are as dumb as they get with your weak response. I guess you were one of them that were going around spreading the Covid propaganda and proclaiming that once should not have any rights over his or her own body?

        Dumbo for real.

  2. @chupes.
    And while are at it.

    Give me one example of an “offensive political speech” , just one?

    Here is a chance to further make you out to be the dumbo that you take it, please. Fool.

    • First off idiot this is an international cricket tournament that is sanctioned under the ICC (International Cricket Council) these guidelines and rules are set by them. These rules and guidelines do not apply to Antigua alone.
      Second off idiot there are various political speeches that can be made like for eg Israel Hammas, the war in Ukraine tension between America and China
      Third off IDIOT in any sporting even especially international one political speeches are not permitted. Do u ever see political speeches displayed and a FIFA football game or one of those pirmire football games.
      Political speech is not just about ABLP and UPP
      These same guidelines go for all host countries but yall so love to cuss qnf blame Gaston Browne for every phuck u can see that.
      Now who is the fool arsehole

      • Again idiot, the term here is ” offensive political speech”. Learn to read before you respond. My post was not about political speech, it was about the phrase ” offensive political signage/speech” and all now you cannot give a example of that. And by the way, all political speech is subjective, and therefore cannot be litigate under any democratic society, so you are ass backwards to think that you can lock someone up for such an oppressive law, where free speech should be protected in any democratic society,cand certainly Antigua.

        And by the way, the cricketing rules are governed by the ICC who is the governing body of cricket only, and not the rulers of Antigua who governs its own you are dumb to think that this is administered by the ICC who has no jurisdiction over such laws that govern freedom of speech.

        You talk a lot, but you have no clue about human rights..

        While there is such a thing as political speech, there is no such thing as ” offensive political speech” in a democratic society dumbo.

        You are referring to other dictatorship countries like Saudi Arabian countries and the likes, dumbo.

        • I’m done arguing with an assailed like u cause u obviously are so politically blind deaf dumb u can’t see beyond Gaston Brown mustache. The time u taking to argue with to prove how much u like to talk about Gaston Browne u might as well read your on international sporting events as well as their rules and guidelines dumdass🖕🏾🖕🏾🖕🏾🖕🏾🖕🏾

      • And you are a dummy..because if this if this list is for the players who are governed under the ICC rules while they participate in the games, that particular rule has nothing to do with us as citizens who attend the games, who are not under the purview of the ICC, but under the constitution of Antigua and Barbuda, whom have upheld freedom of speech pertaining to this particular rule.

        So go hide yourself dumbo with jacronuon idioligy.

  3. Gisele is the real leader of HER party. She will never accept arrogant, pompous, sly Richard and his YARDIE wife Gisele is the real leader of HER party. She will never accept arrogant, pompous, sly Richard and his YARDIE wife

    One example is the LYING PROPAGANDA spread by the IMF party during the last election:

    1). FBI coming to arrest the PM
    2). 4billion in the belly of the plane (maybe it was in Miss Knight belly)

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