Here are the 5 Best Graphing Calculators for Engineers & Students


Graphing calculators have processors that are stronger and more versatile than regular calculators and are called as such because they have capabilities for graphing. If you are a math student or engineer, you will definitely have to solve higher-level math problems, here you must need a calculator to solve these queries and graphic calculators are a valuable tool for this purpose.


If you are seeking for a convenient online software to support you while solving complicated mathematical calculations and issues, only the good graphing calculators would do that. The graphic calculators are the most accurate option for engineers and students out there, if they need assistance with math, algebra, and statistics, or want a tiny portable for engineering issues as well.


The only problem is, finding the right graphing calculator for your particular needs can be an intimidating challenge for students and engineers. Unfortunately, there are a bunch of spurious online graphing calculators that promise to give accurate results, but they are just a waste of time for students and end up giving false outcomes. Therefore, it has become difficult to pick something up and find an authentic and reliable tool.


Luckily for you, we’re here to find the right and most convenient top 5 graphing calculators that you can use without giving it a second thought. After reading this article, you’ll find 5 best graphic calculators that would be helpful for you, whether you’re a student completing your assignments and taking higher level exams, an engineer, or running your own company.




Web-graphing is one of the smartest graphing calculators that is commonly used by students and engineers around the world. It would provide great services for finding a solution in calculus and pre-algebra, trigonometric functions, Algebra, Concavity, Intercepts, Domain, Symmetry, Derivatives, Gaps, Points of Inflection, and more. In its statistical tools, there are several equation plotting calculators that will assist you to create multiple difficult equations. In this tool, very useful features and advanced methods are used. In this advanced age, nearly all students prefer to choose to fully use the internet online graphing calculator. For authentic results, you can use this calculator.



MeraCalculator is another fantastic option for students for easy and quick graphic calculations as it is providing a number of useful calculators, one of them is a point slope calculator. This online point-slope calculator is helpful for finding out the basic line equation that is written as Ax + By + C = 0. The point-slope calculator claims to measure the line slop in a matter of no time.

Meracalculator is a completely free online resource for reliable outcomes with clear analysis and algorithm for every calculator.


Desmos gives a huge list of suggestions in its each group that makes it convenient to use and make your choice easier to consider this graphing calculator. It has a widescreen interface, so that the calculations can be easily viewed and edited.

It has a pop-up keyboard that permits you to type in and display your equations in a dialogue box on the left side, while enabling you to access the graph on the right at the same time. A profile can also be generated, and your graphs saved.




In fact, the Meta calculator divides the tasks of a standard “graphic calculator” into four distinct calculators. These four graphic calculators are scientific calculator, matrix calculator, and statistics calculator and they can be picked up on the homepage. It makes it much easier for users especially when you’re inexperienced with a regular graphing calculator, you will not be messing around and looking for different features.


This calculator is so simple to use as just changing the tabs on the top, you can turn between calculators, and each calculator divides functions using tabs as well. It allows organizing and keeping track of your job simple.




This website has the most user-friendly tools that can assist students to solve graphical computation. With helpful graphics, the collection of tools and functions is listed out. This list provides a great help to you for moving through the calculator and this will be helpful in finding what you are hunting for conveniently.


It has a simple display as it asks you to enter and show equations in the input field box on the left of the interface and after the calculations you can view the graph on the right side. Just like most of the other digital calculators, it gives options to save and export your tasks. The other familiar options you will find is that you can create profile for keeping record of your tasks.


How graphic calculators help in algebraic equations, geometry, calculus and trigonometry?


It might be hard to understand anything these calculators can do if you are not familiar with many advanced and complex math concepts. Below is just a glimpse of the subjects in which students and engineers can find these tools work for them.


When you are solving the higher-level algebra, it is necessary to start using a graphing calculator. These calculators help students in both typing out the equations and use an electronic input so that the concepts such as basic function graphing, polynomials, quadratics, and inequalities are visualized efficiently.


Although, algebraic questions can be solved without the graphic calculator, but the use of this calculator helps improve the principles and familiarizes students with the tool’s buttons and basic functions. Thus, students of higher secondary classes will be asked to learn calculator-friendly skills such as graphing sequences, charts, and recognizing and constructing a matrix.


Geometry is next in the challenging mathematical field for the college students. This is where definitions are solidified, such as forms of angles and hyperbolic functions. These abilities can be converted through text to online tools by a nice graphic calculator.


With a regular graphing calculator, you can also learn parametric graphing, polar graphing, and more. These calculus functions are extremely difficult to do manually, and thus, you can quickly return to work after a break by saving your time by using these calculators


Functions of trigonometry that can be performed with a calculator include the magnitude, time, and phase change of a standard graph. Since trigonometry principles will be involved in 5 to 10 percent of the math problems therefore, it is prudent to polish up before checking with your graphing calculator.


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