Here Are Some Helpful Crypto Investment Advice For Beginners


Cryptocurrency investment is associated with high risk. Becausethe crypto market is highly volatile.Besides its volatility, if you do not know the risk factors lie with the market, you have a great chance to lose your hard-earned money. Though, Bitcoin Billionaire has just become a trend now.


Helpful Tips To Mitigate Crypto Investment Risks

The crypto market is unpredictable. So, in any way you can not totally avoid the risks. Rather, you can mitigate those. Let’s talk about them one by one.


  1. You put all your savings for a high return and you lose all: A lot of new investors do this mistake. We have heard about many people becoming billionaires and millionaires by investing in cryptocurrencies. Yes, it is true. But they made it possible by using an appropriate trading strategy.. Put that much amount of money that you afford to lose. That can be a minimum of 5% as per investors’ opinion. Once you are familiar with the trading market and start gaining profit, then you can maximize your funding.


  1. The cryptocurrency you are investing in is going to a downfall: This is not an uncommon thing to happen in a volatile market. But, with proper knowledge, you can minimize this risk too.


  • Do thorough research. Know about its market history, what was the price before, understand the price graph, get to know what the predictors are saying about its future, and invest accordingly.


  • Diversify your investment portfolio. Suppose you are investing in only one currency. A sudden downfall can happen. Instead, chose some more currencies which are performing well currently. Divide your savings and invest in more than one currency. If some of them will go down, others are there to make you a good profit.


  1. You can’t make a profit from your investment strategy: Sometimes, we might end up choosing the wrong investment strategy. Remember, not every crypto market is equal. You have to understand how to play in which market. Some investors suggest that long-term investment is good for cryptos while some like to make a short-term investment.


  • The people who invested in bitcoin in its early days must have chosen long-term investments and made a huge profit in 2021 when bitcoin’s price skyrocketed to over $61,000. Now bitcoins price is down to $31,000 as of 11 May 2022. But predictors say it is going to increase in the future. In 2026 it might reach over $1 million as per prediction. So, if you also want to do a long-term investment you have to wait patiently after you buy your coins.



  1. The exchange you are using has been hacked: Increasing demand for crypto trading brought us an enormous number of crypto trading exchanges. But, this can a good chance for fraudsters. You might fall into an unauthorized trading platform’s trap. Some considerations you must do while choosing the right one.


  • Read the customers’ reviews of the platform.
  • Read about their rules and regulation.
  • Know if they are providing all the facilities or not.
  • If possible, visit their office address to know whether they exist or not


In this regard, you can choose the Bitcoin era application which is a beginner-friendly platform and gives you all the trading facilities.


  1. Your online crypto wallet is robbed: After doing all necessary things to protect their fund people often forget about this particular thing. Bitcoin wallet sometimes is provided you with your trading exchange where you keep your private key safe. It is theprivate key that you will need to access your traded crypto assets in your registered crypto trading account. So, if your computer or your trading account is hacked by any chance, you lose your holdings. Chose the correct wallet to minimize this risk. We suggest you always chose a cold wallet or a hardware wallet. A cold wattle is not always connected to the internet hence your trading account. So, hackers can’t track an attack on your wallet.


Final Words

Finally,crypto trading is profitable if you do it with the right strategy. So, make sure you about the market very well and what strategy is to apply where. If you can do it, it is going to give you a return surely.

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