Herd Immunity may no longer be possible, says Dr Jason Belizaire

Dr. Belizaire

The delay in vaccinations in Antigua and Barbuda may make achieving herd immunity against COVID-19 impossible.

That conclusion from Dr. Jason Belizaire.

Listen here to understand why he thinks herd immunity may not be possible any longer.

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    • That is a late submission. The WHO experts had said over two weeks ago that herd immunity is no longer possible because fully vaccinated people can still contract the virus. Once even the fully vaccinated are getting infected, then there is NO WAY that herd immunity can be possible. It is simple science.

      In fact, experts at the university of Oxford (manufacturers od AstraZeneca). also suggested that everyone will eventually get the virus at some point of time. It is regarded as not if you will get it but when.

      So you will not hear them talking about herd immunity any longer. That card has fallen off the table.

      The fact is we are living at the end of times. The Bible foretold that these things will happen….whether manmade or natural. This is just a small thing. We have not seen anything yet.

      If the world reacts this way to this small fish….WOE be unto us when the bigger shark strikes.

      What we must look at also, is the fact that the world players are using this event to set the stage for the implementation of policies (especially in regard to Climate Change) that will TURN THIS PLANET UPSIDE DOWN EVEN MORE than how it is now.

      The rights of humans all over will be eroded slowly but surely. We see this beginning to happen even in the so-called land of the brave and the free. In fact, the process will begin there, and the rest of the world will catch the sneeze to get the cold.

      People: It is time to wake up. God is still in control. He has allowed us to have our own way for all this time. Soon He will declare that it is enough….when all humanity would have completely made up our minds to stand on either the side of Good. or Evil. That time is at hand.


  1. People two of my friends took this so called vaccine three day ago one died the other is in hospital with all sort of side effect my sister took her yesterday since then she has not been herself I told them this crap I don’t trust it now me a keep far from that. People are saying that the non vaccinated are spreading covid maybe but a doctor and scientists said that the vaccinated are more likely to spread the virus because that have been injected with it they are super spreaders that’s why it’s out of control in Antigua.

    • So Boss, some 40K Antiguans have taken the various vaccines (mostly AstraZeneca) and for practically all of them, hardly no side effects. Yet your family and friends took it and one died, you claim, you do know the vaccines can’t protect you if you already have covid ? Why they took so long to do the right thing? They waited until covid is on the increase to go and protect themselves. Persons need to get lamps in their oil early, don’t wait for us to lose electricity

  2. Heard immunity can be reached if people catch the virus and build up immunity for it. I don’t know why they make it seem like the vaccine is the only option for herd immunity.

    • Exactly, and now they want to make it seem like it’s hesitant peoples fault. Herd immunity was NEVER attainable with these leaky vaccines. Seychelles, Gibraltar, Israel are some of the places where vaccine uptake are almost 100%
      and they are battling some of the worst so called “breakthrough” cases… aka vaccine failure. But rest assured, the vaccine campaign will continue – because it’s really not about a virus or immunity; it’s about the GREAT RESET.

    • Because they’re either lying or misguided. Watch closely as the vaccine narrative morphs and collapses over the next few weeks. If the vax narrative were correct most countries would be herd immunity already. Instead, we see the vaxxed now being prime agents of the spread and third and fourth boosters shots being rolled out because the vaxes fade. In Israel if you are double vaxxed and don’t take a third booster you are now classified as unvaccinated.

  3. Someone needed to say this: Herd immunity may be strictly impossible given how adept Delta and the newer variants are in evading the vaccines. Certainly, the threshold for herd immunity (the percentage of the population that needs to be inoculated to achieve it) is much higher than the figures that have been bandied about by Antiguan officials, if it is possible to achieve herd immunity at all.

    I believe that with the right approach many more people might be convinced to take one of the vaccines. But at this point it is hard to be hopeful that we will ever achieve herd immunity in Antigua. The best approach may be to institute a strict lockdown, and try to get back to zero covid. Hard to believe it with the way things are now, but we were there only several weeks ago. The lockdown would not have to be extended, if it is strict enough. The important thing is that when the restrictions are removed, the government will have to take seriously, perhaps for the first time, the screening of the persons entering the country. Cases may occasionally still slip through, but hopefully enough people will be vaccinated to avoid spikes in cases.

  4. Herd immunity was never possible once transmission is possible from both vax and non vax and virus mutating from Alpha to Omega.
    Once a vaccine blocks a virus from transmitting that’s how community immunity is achieved.

  5. @ get info, you ask the question of if one know that the vaccine cannot work if you already have covid. Is there any testing done on anyone before giving them the vaccine or is there any requirement to show that you was not infected before given the vaccine?

  6. Herd immunity ‘no longer possible’? If so the real reason would be the leaky vaccine fades after a few months and has led to more virulent (even if less dangerous) variants. Hence the need for booster jabs. The Israeli experience demonstrates this. I wish people would check out the expert research and findings that are out there, there’s enough of it readily available. Ironically, many doctors don’t.

    Ivermectin and Zinc based protocols work btw. Hundreds of thousands have died needlessly by withholding such cheap, safe and hitherto readily available drugs. A US estimate, recirculated by Dr Malone, the developer of the MRNA platform on which Pfizer and Moderns drugs are based, estimate the avoidable US deaths alone to be 450000+ due to such suppression.

  7. Herd immunity for a corona virus was never an attainable goal?.
    Never before in history was there herd immunity for a corona virus.
    It has never happened and it will never happen it is impossible . How do you build immunity to something that mutates? Lol

    Now the vaccines does not provide immunity so exactly how do you reach herd immunity with a vaccine that does not provide immunity? JOKE THAT……..

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