Herberts resident Leslie Emmanuel gets keys to brand new home


Herberts road resident Leslie Emmanuel beamed with joy on Thursday as he was handed the keys to his brand new home.

The project which took six weeks to complete, was a joint effort between the Ministry of Social Transformation, Human Resource Development and the Blue Economy and the Precision Centre; of which Emmanuel is a member.

During the short ceremony on Thursday morning, Minister Dean Jonas who is also the Parliamentary Representative for the area noted that that he is very pleased to see the completion of the project despite the many setbacks, mainly man power due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

Minister Jonas said that he was delighted when he learnt of the Precision Centre’s willingness to partner with the Government on this project, thereby providing Mr. Emmanuel who has been paralyzed for over 30 years with suitable living conditions.
Minister Jonas added that his Ministry will also ensure that Emmanuel gets the necessary at home care.

“I’ve known Mr. Emmanuel for many years, and I am very happy that he is happy with what he is getting here today. This is a major transformation and that is what we are about. I would also like to thank the church for stepping forward and providing the other resources needed to complete this project”, Minister Jonas remarked.

Senior Elder at the Precision Centre, Wingrove Spencer stated that initially the intention was to conduct minor repairs; however after the work commenced they realized that the entire house needed to be renovated.

“Initially the work should have been mainly the repairs of the kitchen and the bathroom and to change them from wood to wall, but once we started, we recognized that there is much more work needed and so the project changed and basically the entire house was renovated”.

An elated Emmanuel said that while he is extremely happy to be in a brand new house, he is more so touched by the way his church family and members of his community came together to see this project through to the end.

Emmanuel expressed gratitude to the Government and the Precision Centre for their generosity.

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  1. Government at work.
    There is plenty more good to come. My people continue to give this government a chance. The work is not yet done though the labor is hard!!!!

  2. Kudos to those who were involved in this kind gesture…. Mr. Emmanuel is certainly well deserving of this generous assistance. However, let’s hope that the buck does not stop there. There are many more persons in the community who are experiencing a similar plight or even worst and are in need of a similar assistance. Let’s hope it will not be a selective few to whom this type of gesture will be offered to.

  3. Big up the Precision Center & Emmanuel’s many long-time caring friends.
    Good for government to partner on this project.
    Possibly this will begin a national discussion on how differently abled people are provided for.

  4. I think the government should start keeping a list of all the homes they have provided to the needy for FREE. Mostly through the HAPPY program. And not to mention the Boobey Alley Project. And I know when one gets a free home it makes other envy.

    • @Sidelines:Booby Alley Project is a gift from China. The Happy Program homes are given to mostly our Comrades.

        • Sidelines: You have the gall to say Pastor christened him pickney first. May be so. However,in the instance of the Unhappy Program. Those homes are being built and or refurbished with our tax paying dollars. Not yours and or Gaston Browne’s Labor Party damn money.

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  6. I am fully aware that persons could have the same names. When I lived in Antigua. There was a Leslie Emmanuel that worked for Royal Bank. He lived on Old Parham Road. Is this Leslie Emmanuel that person.

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